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  1. I have an interview at kroger tomorrow and i was wondering what brand of saliva test kit they use. Or if anyone knows how accurate they are. Im considering smoking and then hydrating, pulling using oil, listerine, cayenne peppers, and lots of gum and mints (all of this repeatedly). Do they use a really cheap one or do they spare no expense? I really need answers any and all will be appreciated
  2. I think There's several posted videos of how to pass these search my Q&A thread
    search youtube if you can't find anything and post its URL if you do find anything in said thread and please post a follow up of your success or otherwise
  3. DO NOT swish listerine or eat mints before walking in, you will pop for booze. Stop smoking now, rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide every few hours from now until the test. Drink a bunch of water.
  4. Or, you know...You could always not smoke too.:coolalt:
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  5. Well i haven't been but my sister just asked me to chip in on some weed but then tells me to smoke it after the interview. It'll be gone before then since she's holding onto it and I'll be out of cash without my portion of weed that i paid for.
  6. So ask her for your share and hold on to
    it yourself.
  7. I did, she laughed.
  8. Smoke it tonight or just take your half when she's not around

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  9. Shit if that was my sister id smack her lmao
  10. Shit, smoke a joint otw there. Then in the parking lot, swish with H2O2(peroxide). When taking the test don't scrub your mouth with the thingy. Fake with tongue, it worked for me.

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