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Discussion in 'General' started by Tusselhoff, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Sup fellow blades, so I have a dilemma, tomorrow in my theater class we are supposed to do this semi spontaneous exercise (we were told of the assignment yesterday) where we have to write a letter to ourselves (from someone else of course) and then read it to ourselves, internalizing our feelings to display real emotion. Afterwards we have to have an internal reason to destroy the letter. I'm having some trouble coming up with a letter and a Reason to destroy it. Unfortunately I can't blaze up and let my creative juices flow because I'm working tonight.. But maybe some of you guys could give me some ideas? Thanks!
    How about this,
    Me 1:
    Dear Me,
    How the fuck are ya?
    Me 2:
    I high! How are you?
    Me 1:
    I feel like talking.
    Me 2:
    Ummm... OK. About what?
    Me 1:
    Molecular mechanisms behind gene expression.
    Me 2:
    Uh,. uhm. I gotta go. 
    And shit like that.
  3. Be a extremist political character that hates marijuana and is writing (to you) a marijuana activist and he shits on your soul so you destroy the letter out of anger.
    Easy peasy
  4. Nice! I think I might try both ideas and see how they flow. Thanks guys.

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