Need An Idea For Hiding Bowl And Weed At Temporary Work

Discussion in 'General' started by Michigander008, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. I work at a golf course driving around all day, and there are plenty of opportunities  to drive into the woods and toke up with 0% chance of getting caught. 
    However, during the morning and sometimes during a break I have to chill in a breakroom in close proximity to these guys. 
    Would a glasses case work for a super resin-y bowl? Should I just buy a one hitter? Would stashing weed  (very small amounts, maybe .2 or .3 at the most) in a plastic cigarette case cover the smell?

  2. Yeah, as much as i hate them get a sneak a toke. Or you can get a folding magnet metal pipe.
  3. They might be able to smell the pipe. Anyway you can stash it somewhere not on your person? that would be your best bet.
  4. Unless you are working with some high quality dro or something no one is going to smell half a gram of reg. The pipe could be a different story but like the person above me said I would recommend getting a one hitter or even one of those one hitters that look like a cig. That way even if they saw you from a distance or something you could say it was a cig.. 
  5. dude just find a spot in the woods to hide your stuff or in the golf cart if you keep the same cart all day
  6. put it in the woods where youre going to go out and smoke before work
  7. I always use a dugout with a one hitter at work. you can't smell anything unless you open the top of the dugout. I'm not a big fan of one hitters or dugouts... but it's the easiest way for me to smoke discreetly like you are.
  8. dugout. pocket.
  9. Honestly, if u can afford it... a portable vaporizer would be ideal! Like the da vinci. I use it. Looks like a walki talki.. has extra stash spot built in..... battery would last enough to vape off n on all day.. even could charge in car... and smells like burnt popcorn.. not pot

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  10. A portable vape is the best idea. You won't stink after you toke. But my dugout is what I use most often. Its faster and easier. Everything is self contained so you don't have to fuck around with your baggie.
  11. thanks for the input everyone
    I'm thinking some good Michigan medical in a plastic baggy, in my cigarette case, and a one hitter.
    The nice part is the coworker interaction is extremely limited, but when I am with them, it's in a small break room so it's a bit nerve-wracking.
    Would plastic cigarette case cover the smell from the baggy weed or would a small zip up bowl carrier be better?
  12. your pocket?
  13. Any experience with the magnet pipe?
  14. Buy a vape pen that would be the way to go to smoke. As far as storage for extra herb I always recommend a waterproof container that they sell in the camping section at walmart. They sell them as small as a cell phone, also there is the option of keeping it in a small bag and putting them in altoids container but leave some altoids in with it.
  15. nothing is stealthier than the sneak a toke. bring mine fishing with me all the time. also use it on the golf course from time to time. 
  16. I bring my weed in a mason jar and my pipe stays in my pocket in a plastic bag
  17. Had no idea they make those. I'm adding that to my college supply list.
  18. They really come in handy. Mine folds into a block and its pretty small. All my friends always wanna borrow it for work.
  19. I used a dugout for a long time
  20. You can get these pre-rolled blunts papers, they come in a plastic tube. Keep the plastic tube and use it to carry joints you can fit 2 or 3 in there and its easy to carry and hide. Pipes leave too much evidence, with a joint you can just throw away or bury the roach when you're finished.

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