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need an "experts" help on buying a bong,

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by samsmokindro, May 24, 2010.

  1. im buying my first bong and i have 80$ total. anyone wana help a brotha out on finding an excellent one? I'd greatly appreciate it. :D
  2. you can find a plethora of great shit here on grasscity, and also on, each are great choices. If you live in the states, shippings going to cost a good chunk, so you have to prepare for that. Its probably going to be $10-$25, depending on what you get. For ~$65, you can get some pretty sweet shit, many closeouts, but if you really want something nice, save up like $120 like im doing, and you can get like 3 percs for like $110 or so, there were ones for less but they're out of stock
  3. Can you explain what a perculater actually does?
  4. filters the smoke more, making a smoother hit.
    but if you only have 80$, i wouldnt try to get anything with a perc, because it will probably be shitty and break in a week.
    just look on grasscity, find a glass on glass bong, id suggest one with ice pinches, and has decently thick glass
  5. A perculator diffuses the smoke when it goes through the little holes in it causing the hit to be filtered again, thus making it smoother. Although with your price tag I wouldn't recommend getting a perc'd bong because it will most likely be chinese glass and chinese perculators break very easily and cause lots of uneccessary drag.

    I would recommend going to the GC shop and checking out the weedstar line of glass. You can get a glass on glass tube thats decently thick for a damn good price. Honestly, with that pricerange weedstar is your best bet. You could also get a cheap EHLE bong which would be MUCH better quality over weedstar, although those do not come with diffused downstems I believe.

    Basically, some things you want to look for when buying a bong.

    1. Glass thickness
    2. Accessories (Diffused downstem, ashcatcher. etc)
    3. Brand Reputation
    4. Aesthetic value

    Thats what I look for when buying a bong anyway. Good luck on your search man. :)
  6. not sure about black leaf but that one looks pretty nice.. glass looks pretty thick and sturdy, and $50 price tag looks pretty good too..
  7. Honestly that weed star inline doesn't look bad at all. Well you know for the price its not bad. I have not hit one my self. But for 60bucks thats not bad for just a occasional toker or even someone who smokes heavily! keep on tokin:smoke:
  8. For inexpensive vapes, the best out there are the EHLE's and the HVY's. Both use German glass. One is made in Cali and the other in Germany. They both have entry level vapes below 50 bucks.
  9. I think bong shopping online takes a lot of the fun out of selecting a new piece. I would try and find a flea market first and a local head shop second. The biggest drawback to head shops is higher retail but flea markets are usually pretty comparable as far as price to what you'd find online.

    The only other thing I can say is that it's pretty subjective and only you can help yourself pick the perfect one :smoke:
  10. dont get that black has a carb on it and u'll hate it.. defeats the purpose of a bong..get a 250ml ehle with extras: medium/large/small bowl, long rod screen thing, roor diffuser all for 111.27$ shipped to SoCali from england
  11. damn, i didn't even notice it had a carb on it haha. yeah deff don't get that one then
  12. the carb could be plugged, if thats really the one you want...
    or if you want to spend a little more an EHLE would be a big step up.

    and i wouldnt reccomend buying it at a local headshop because in my expirence, you wont find a glass on glass bong for under 120$, and rubber grommets suck
  13. i was really considering buying the black leaf bong but for 90 U.S $.... dont really think it's worth it.
  14. HVY Glass - Mini Beaker

    I got this for $55 shipped and LOVE it.

    Just make sure you e-mail them and ask for a diffused downstem when you order.

    Great value!

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