need an excuse to go out and smoke a blunt asap

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeff234, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. hey alrite here's my situation. I've been sick out of school for the past 3 days the doc says it might be mono. so I just rolled a nice fat bout to make myself feel better haha , well I already used the excuse "I needed so
    e fresh air" to pick up he nug. btw I don't have a car thankssss
  2. um...
    to get high?
  3. I suppose you're telling this to your mom.

    You're 18... say you're going to the corner store, dude.
  4. Grow some nuts bro. Just walk out the door, and come back when you're done. No excuse necessary.
  5. Umm you left something at a friends house or your friend left his phone at your house or your girlfriend might be preggorz and you need to talk to her
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    :bongin: seriously
  7. just walk out dude.

    say youre going for a stroll in a grassy field.
  8. You dropped your pocket and need to go find it.
  9. say you are going to rape a tree
  10. This ^^...That's how i started and they didn't seem to mind
  11. obvious kid is obvious.

    Just wait till you're better man. I've been sick all week and todays gonna be my last day of budnfor a while...until I found more than
    a gram on my clothes from the wash!

    My mom was like 'that weed' and I was
    like 'yesm'
  12. If OP's parents are anything like mine they like to know where im at.. Regardless my age.. Im 19 btw.
    But just say you wanna run down t oyour friends house really quick.

  13. I'm still at home- 21. you just have to train your parents to see that you can make your own decisions and leave at your own free will. eventually they wont ask you every time you go anywhere, especially if you are in college or something .

    ignoring them sometimes works if thats how far you have to go :devious:
  14. tell them you saw a cat outside and you want to give it some milk
  15. Shit Just walk out that bitch and when your done just go directly to your room......
  16. man just say you're goin for a walk, gettin fresh air. simple as that. don't overthink it.
  17. fuck man just grab that blunt and walk out the front door and go spark man. you dont even need a reason to leave
  18. Just spark it in the house dawg, i doubt your parents will care. *Sarcasm*, my real answer would be just say you have to go pick up some homework, you sound responsible and you can smoke a blunt in the time it would take u to get to where ever and back.:smoking:
  19. Sweet another chance to use my genius. Ok here what you got to do (Write This Down) get some of your mom's clothes preferably just a some underwear and a bra then throw on some make up something nice a little eye liner some foundation and some lipstick. Then tell your mom you have something you need to do down at the corner some peolpe you need to take care of then roll out. She will not think your going to go smoke pot, crack or meth maybe but not pot. It truely is the perfect plan.

    Ps. Also if you can look natural in high heels go with those too.
  20. All of these people giving you advice either know there parents are chill with you smoking, or they've already moved out.
    Don't just "walk out".
    If anything say you're going to get something you left at a friends if it's EVEN a possibility.
    Otherwise I would say save it.

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