need an excuse hahhahah

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  1. okay i left my molasses feeding container out today an my parents found out...i left it on the counter and it was just a gallon waterbottle with dirt and molasses remains inside...they have it in the living room an i'm sure its bound to come up this morning...i was just talking about slingin with them and they have no idea i'm growing, im a medi patient but they dont even know that!! when they ask i think im just gonna tell em i'm growing and then get super screwed hahhahha why???? should i try an keep it DL even tho its legal for me? in their eyes its not legal for me
  2. Dont grow in ur parents house mang.
  3. i agree with the guy above me but hey i am gonna grow soon an i live with my parents (my dad is cool with weed my mom not so much)

    idk man just explaine yourself not the worst that could happen i am guessin:smoke:

  4. What about it being legal for them? If they dont know about it, you really shouldnt be growing be growing.
  5. maybe start with telling them you use weed for medical reasons, if their reaction isn't too bad you could tell about growing maybe.
  6. this is a really good idea
  7. it may sound lame, but their house, their rules. keeping secrets hardly ever helps anything. they'll figure it out sooner or later anyways. just be an adult about it.
  8. Lets were constipated and gave yourself a molasses enema
    Milk and Molasses Enema Recipe
    This may cause your parents to never ask you about anything, ever again, as long as you live.:D
  9. You must explain to them.

    You are a patient.

    In need of this gracious plant.

    And it is legal.

    Then smoke them out.

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