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  1. So this is my third grow that I’m going on, basically I’m just trying to figure out which you prefer, I have had great success with the quality of my smoke by following the thricome color when they get cloudy I harvest, but the thing is I don’t get to a full 8-9 or even 10 weeks of flower....the thricomes would be amber and would create a harsher smoke, so I’ve been harvesting at 6-7 weeks because of the thricome color.
  2. I have never seen a strain that was done in 6-7 weeks - 10 weeks is my average regardless of what the breeder says.
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  3. Trichome color has zero effect on the harshness of the smoke. That is all in the dry and cure.
    More amber is usually more sedated but not everyone finds that true.
    I like more amber as it takes down the fingernails on a chalkboard feeling really high THC strains make me feel. A bit further along it's a more mellow better rounded high. Each to their own experiment and see what you like best.

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  4. Thank you for your input, I also feel like this in relation to my buds not getting as big as what I’d like and I feel like it’s because I’m cutting them 2-3 weeks early
  5. I flower outside 4 times a year as it never freezes here. One thing I've learned is that it's more time then lighting intensity that ripens the cannabis. Even my dead of winter set when the sun is low in the sky and the days are short and cool the strength is virtually the same. As long as I let them run the full 10 weeks I'm set up for I get what I expect from my grow.

    I veg inside on 24-0 so the plants jump hard to flower from the first night they get. 10 weeks to the day from that first night outside and it's harvest time.

    Some strains are done early but it's a fairly rare plant that is done in 8 or 9 actual for me. It'll be very obvious it's over done as the plant will begin to actually die in spots if let go way long.

  6. So stick to the time frame and not the color of the thricomes? Thank you

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