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need advise on next steps outdoor grow (flowering stage)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by guptamalai, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. i am growing outdoor TUTANKHAMON strain witch is a sativa hybrid magnificent strain.
    it is on the forth week of flowering goes about 2m high and looked very healthy up about now.
    the sun has shifted as she should and i didnt take that under consideration since i used this spot few years back growing a monster plant and had now problems.. but the trees on the far side has grown since then and took half of the direct light time at this point. (cant change position)
    i am using biobizz tripack and i am growing in a 25 lt. pot because of unstable , iron entoxicated soil , and using along side with grotek monster bloom.
    i cant go to the place every time i want , but i do go there once a week and i noticed this changes in the photoes i presented.
    i am thinking that since the direct light went down by half the plant food usage went with it so this is the outcome and it sucks!
    tds is 890 and i use half of the monster bloom recomended dosage divided into the daily basis feeding.
    any advise on my next steps?

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