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  1. What up blades,

    I love smoking weed. It's one of the few things in my life atm that I can thoroughly enjoy without feeling guilty about it.

    My family hates that I do it. They think I'm an idiot for smoking and that I'm going to ruin the life. They have repeatedly asked me to stop, they tell me that I'm being cruel to them by continuing to do it and make them miserable.

    What should I do? I've tried so many times to tell them that it's not dangerous but they won't listen. Do I give it up to make them happy? Or should I go on making them unhappy?

    I'd really appreciate any advice the GC community has to offer. :wave:
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    The way I see bro you get one life to live, you respectfully listen to your friends and family. Take their opinions into consideration, but at the end of the day it's not about them it's about you. Do what makes you happy. As long as your a responsible adult, it's not interfering with your life, job, etc. You should do what makes you happy. Not all of my family likes that use i cannabis (even medical MJ), but if they love you and respect eventually it becomes mostly a non issue in my opinion. Now if your living in there house coming home reeking like dank, red eyed, on couch lock status they may feel like your disrespecting them. Just be respectful don't flaunt it in their face, and it will most likely simmer down eventually into more of a non issue.
  3. If my family knew I was smoking weed, I'd be in the same situation. I want to say prove them wrong, but that would mean you'd be hurting them by continuing. If I were in your shoes, I'd try making some what of a deal... I'd tell them that I would be "weed free" when it came to family events and such, but when I have my own time, I do as I please. Maybe by respecting them when they're around they will be okay with the idea? I hope some of this helps, It's kind of hard giving advice not know the whole situation, by as said before.. Hope this helps :)
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, I've tried doing exactly that. I'm in college so most of the year I'm away from them but this summer I've been home. I don't smoke in their house and try not to be stoned around them.

    Unfortunately, it's not working. I don't want to lie to them so I've told them I don't have any intentions to stop smoking and they can't get past that. It just sucks because it's harder to enjoy weed when I know I'm making my family miserable.
  5. I say do what makes you happy I just hate the stereotypes of older generations Like they don't drink wine,beer and other alcohol every day. But I let anybody know that I smoke weed and I don't ever plan to stop.
  6. Keep on smokin that bud but make sure to at least make an effort to do somethin with yourself to prove your not the "junkie" they perceive you to be
  7. I believe you should quit for your family. Family is all you got. Getting high is not more important than your family's love. You should do what I did, quit and start exercising and eating a balance healthy diet. The high from exercise results from the endocannabinoid system which is the same system that gets you high from smoking weed.

    "Activation of the endocannabinoid system leads to pain reduction and alters emotions and thinking processes. Receptors for the body’s natural cannabinoids exist in muscle, skin, endothelial cells and lungs. Many scientists now believe that exerciser’s high may result from activation of cannabinoid receptors."

    "The good thing about activating the endocannabinoid system is that the serious side effects of using drugs, such as respiratory depression and constipation, don’t occur."

    You sound like you are depressed seeing how you say getting high is the only thing that make you happy. The nutrition in healthy food helps big time with depression. Foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and fish provide you with the essential nutrition to help with depression.

    The Diet and Depression Link -- Diet for Depression

    Can Raw Foods Help with Depression?

    Diet for Depression | Foods that Help Depression

    If you decide to change to a healthy lifestyle, I wish you good luck and I hope you stick to it. :)
  8. I totally disagree with the post above just because your family dislikes what you do doesnt me you should change for them if you had a good job and your family didn't like it would you quit? Just because family is "all you got?" no do whats in your heart man if you love tokin and it helps you by all means continue to smoke :smoking:
  9. This is not his familys love though. This is his familys JUDGEMENT - the opposite. If they knew what Love really was, they would respect HIS decision, since its HIS body, HIS choice whats go inside <3

    OP, I'm in the same boat as you dude. I had to promise them I wouldn't toke until I left their house, just to evade getting forced into a rehab clinic, (yea, they're pretty wacky full-on reefer madness brainwashed) lol.... So my advice to you would be to just keep it undercover bro. Tell them you'll stop, just to satisfy their selfish egos... play the game. Become an actor.

    but when you are by yourself, please, don't reject Mary's unconditional Love :hello::D:D:D
  10. Yeah, it's the family that is selfish, not the individual using the drug...makes perfect sense.

    If the OP has a medical reason to use cannabis, I would agree with you. But in this case, I'm positive the OP does not have a life threatening illness. He seems to be using cannabis for depression, which I'm offering a healthy more effect way to treat his depression and a way to gain back his family respect.

    But if you don't give two shits about your family, that's on you. Good luck with getting through tough times. I hope you got some really good friends.

  11. fyi I don't suffer from depression.... I don't feel like explaining the whole situation, but Im not using weed as treatment. I just like to smoke every now and then. It's not about the weed, but my family's judgment and unwillingness to accept my decision to do it.

  12. It's not about you smoking weed, but how your family feels about you smoking weed.:confused: Maybe I'm missing something here, but it sounds like it all about the weed.
    Can you explain the whole situation please? Maybe I can figure out what the missing piece to this puzzle is.:eek:
  13. Whatever you do, please for the love of all things holy, do not show them the Union, and expect them all to have epiphanies!

    Keep things on the down low as there is no point trying to make waves just to try and get your own way. The thing with mj is that it's a contentious issue, people are usually for it, or against it, there is no middle way due to theproblem of legality. Like I have said, keep it to yourself, and be determined to prove their misapprehentions wrong.
  14. Why give up something you love to do so much. They're your family they will love you regardless just gotta tell them what your doing isn't wrong in anyway. Maybe you can sit down with them and show them some research on the subject because it seems as they aren't aware of marijuana that is why their against it.
  15. Maybe you can sit down and tell that to a wall, don't think the outcome would be much different :rolleyes:

    closed minded folks, are closed minded.

    only solution i see is 2 find some way to slip psilocybin extract into their food and hope they see The Light <3

  16. LOL! That is a horrible idea:laughing: The are really only three realistic options. The first one is for the OP to quit. The second one for the OP to separate himself from his family and cut them out from his life. The third is for the OP to continue smoking and just play no mind to his family's option of his cannabis usage.
  17. third ftw <3

    never say "yes" to someone, if it means saying "no" to yourself <3
  18. Thanks for the advice guys. I told my fam that it's my decision and I intend to stick with it. They aren't thrilled but it seems like we've reached a point where it doesn't have to be a huge source of conflict anymore.
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    Just give it time bro and they'll see that its not as bad as they think

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