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  1. I'm debating on weather to invest in a pipe or a bong. Any suggestions?
  2. Well I would say if you enjoy the action of smoking go for a nice bowl! they will never do you bad and are very easily moved around! if you just like being fucked up then go for the bong because it will do the job quickly! :)
  3. The only thing is storage space is makin me lean to pipe
  4. Yeah I agree specially if storage is an issue at all! I love my pipes and will always love them more then any other smoking advice, so i recommend that! :)
  5. Coca-cola can will never do you wrong big dawg
  6. I appreciate you're input. Any specific ones you recommend?
  7. vanilla coke
  8. Coke, rootbeer, beer, or sprite cans they all work.
  9. Well hoping your 18 and older first try looking at a near headshop because you can see it and go from there. if shipping something is an option check out I got my last pipe from there last buy and love it, plus they're cheap! :)
  10. I am 18 I will definitely check out that site. Is it discreet shipping?
  11. yes it is. as long as you don't have a family member open the box you will be fine :)
  12. In that case I may get it mailed to a friends or gmoms.
  13. yeah safe call and good luck! :)
  14. Thanks so much again
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    Dude that natty light can works the best
  16. Whether not Weather, unless you figured a way to debate with the weather.
  17. dude dont listein to these idiots. smoking out of a can taste horrible and is really bad for you.
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    I laugh at ppl that smoke out of a can.( mostly because I remember being an idiot when I first started tokin and using a can a couple times) get a bong. You'll never look back.
  19. Haha i hate smoking out of a can makes me feel like im smoking crack
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    Hey dumb ass its called autocorrect. But good job wasting your time to point that out

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