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  1. So my relationship with this girl goes back a bit since we have dated twice before but it was never anything serious.

    After we broke up the second time she started dating this really abusive boyfriend and got addicted to drugs. After 9 months she broke up with him and entered rehab.

    I started to see her again since shes graduated and is in 2 of my classes now and have been talking to her.

    I guess while in rehab she met another kid and had a short relationship for a month which ended pretty recently.

    Now i chilled with her yesterday and we talked for a little bit and ended up having sex. I think she likes me but im really anxious and paranoid that she still has feelings for both of her ex's.

    What do you guys think? Am i being paranoid because i really like this girl or should i have legit concerns?
  2. Take her but be concerned cause girls that bond with other dudes through tough times usually go running back no matter how great of a guy YOU are and shitty the otherss are. You cant save the world and if you dont have an intention of puttin a ring on a finger dont save her.
  3. "Damaged goods", all I got to say.
  4. my philosophy: never trust woman

    its a good one in my opinion, fuck her

    find someone else without all that bullshit naw meen!
  5. Don't worry about them. The only way you can convince a girl that you're the better choice is to be the better choice. You can't do that by constantly being worried she's gonna jump ship.

    Treat her good but take the emotional side slow. Measure her feelings towards you and make sure she thinks you like her just a little bit less. This changes after you've built a solid relationship. Then you just gotta be the best guy you can be without being whipped.
  6. So she has feelings for 2 ex's and shes fucking you?

    She either has too many feelings to "share" right now or she can't control the ones she has.

    Pass..find a chick with less emotional bagage :smoking:
  7. I would ask her if she likes me, depending on her answer you might see things clearer.
    just a little thing that might help.

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