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  1. ok so. i had a ticket from a while back that i could never pay cuz i couldnt find a job because ive had no prior job experience plus this recession. now the tickets came back to bite me in the ass and they suspended my license til i pay it off. but without a license to drive my car i cant go driving around looking for a job. so im pretty fucked now. i dont really know what to do anymore. i mean other than walking around my very small town looking for a job, which hasnt worked for 3 years so far.... or growing weed and selling it to my brother, i have no real source of income. my gf said she'd try and help me pay it off but thatd take more time than i really have. so i need advice on what to do... or how to get out of this situation.

    plz help?
  2. Catch a bus to the next town, go round handing out your CV everywhere?
    Offer to mow your neighbours' lawns, etc, like make a few slips of paper saying you'll do whatever, help move shit, clean up the yard, whatever for a bit of cash.
  3. thanks for the advice but theres no buses to take me out of town. and theres to many lawn mowing businesses to compete with. ill try something like that though. any other advice? any is welcome.
  4. I know alot of college painting groups that hire kids to paint houses and stuff. You should look into one of those.
  5. good idea. i can look. but closest college is a while away.

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