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need advice

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by potheadnpothole, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. wassap reefers? SOrry for the lame entrance but here goes. Some of my friends are gettign tired of the same ole same ole (smoking joints,pipes,bongs) I would like sdome info on a "secret bong". We have tried, buckets, waterfalls, percs, most everything....jsut need to add some flavour to our stoning....latta

    Conrad Jarrett
  2. Just kidding.

    You listed some things there that I have never heard of.

    But you never mentioned using a vaporizer. I've never used one, but it's a neat concept.

    I'm sure there are others here with some more nifty ideas.
  3. yea....most people call the perk bong as a water bong. except that we have modified ours to get a better hit. One thing i did think of when i went to band this morning was to use a "mouthpiece" as a bowl. Any brass item will work....preferably a trombone...mabye a tuba (if ya wanna get really toasty). Just put a screen on it and...BAM! ya got one sweet bowl. Anyways, im about to spend my time making this deliocious idea of mine. Latta
  4. Knife hits?
  5. make ganja butter, and make some brownies. eat your pot, toootally different stone :D
  6. yea ive heard of knive hits...but actually never seen one or had one described to me. 420girlie...or anyone else could you describe that proccess for me? thaks alot....puff puff pass.

  7. Take two butter knives and stick them on a stove burner on high and wait for them to get hot.

    In the mean time, cut the bottom of an empty pop bottle and break off a little piece of bud.

    When the knives are hot tap one of them on the bud to pick it up and then sandwich it in between the knives inside the cut off end while some one else takes the hit.

    After a couple of rounds of knife hits, sit back, relax, smoke a bowl, if you are so inclined a cig, and get nicely toasted.
  8. Try the ols "survivor" method (Hell only a pothead hillbilly would come up with this)

    Place a small amount of bud in a ashtray and go out into the sun. Take a magnifying glass and pinpoint the hotspot of light directly on the bud. In a couple of seconds the bud will start to smolder and lean over an inhale the fumes. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse again.

    But be carful, don't pinpoint the sunspot on your skin or someone else's skin or it will burn the shit out of you. Oh-shit I done fucked up now by telling you NOT to magnify the sun on somebody else. (He-he it is funny when you start to burn someone else and they don't know you are doing it to them.)
  9. Or start grass fires!!!LMAO!
  10. He He, grass fires.
  11. thats a good idea about the magnifying glass...but i wouldnt be patient enough. i mena thats why god invented lighters right? just kiddin....oh yea...thats very witty about the grass it..

  12. Actually, if you have a good magnifying glass you can get things hot very quickly. I'm sure I've altered the evolution of the planet with as many poor ants that I fried as a youngster.

    Funny that you mention tuba and trombone mouthpieces.. I played both in the high school band. If I had a tuba mouthpiece I'd probably keep it for use on a tuba. (Those bastards are expensive!! Tubas and mouthpieces.)

    They would make very sturdy bowls. :D Tuba mouthpieces are great as weapons as well, especially if they're connected to the extensions for use on a sousaphone. Hard as hell on the ol' noggin.
  13. Being an environmentally friendly guy, I would not recommend the mouthpieces. The pieces are made of brass, which has trace components of lead, zinc, cadmium, and other metals that could be harmful to your health when exposed to heat for long periods of time.

    Now I'm not some eco-nut about metal exposure and any metal exposure you would get would be minimal. But I think smoking out of metals gives it a shitty taste in your mouth.
  14. knife hitsare great for an intense head spin,i have seen people fall to the floor doing this,better still keep the end of the plastic bottle and jama big block of ice into the funnel and then jam the botttom of the bottle upside down into the funnel to trap the blockof ice,keep it in the freezer and when you get the "knifes on"you will be drawing through the ice for a smoother toke.

    Furlong freezer- take one pint beer glass and run under the tap ,shake ofthe excess and put in the freezer for 5 mins,take it out and it will go all icy.light up a joint and assume the shotty position and gently blow the smoke into the pint glass,the glass will fill up with the smoke and will stay in there,now you can drink your favourite smoke:).
  15. Ever tryed the apple trik. Its a shitty way to smoke, but its sumthing different. Me and my freinds tryed this along time ago, when we didnt have anything to smoke w/. take an apple and use a pen or sumthin and push it half way through the top, down to the center of the apple. then make another hole on the side of the apple (half way) and make another whole w/ a pen to the center of the apple, so that the holes connest in the center of the apple. place the bud on the top, and inhale in the side. It hits quite well too.

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