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need advice

Discussion in 'General' started by bottomdog, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. alright long story short a old friend of mine (still kinda buds) went around town vandalizing (i think its gay thats why im not friends with him anymore) and he told me about it the next day then a family friend (WEED SMOKER/grower!!!! very hippy and awesome i love him) well ive known him since i was born and it turns out he just got his car vandalized and said he found NEWPORT cigs.. thats what my friend smokes and it was the exact car my friend named soooo yeah its him...this guy is really cool he parks his car (nothing special just something to get around in he doesnt have much money i guess but he isnt trying to get a lot..like a said hippy :Djk) ANYWAY he doesnt know who it was and i do and i dont want to be like a tattle tale but i feel really bad cause he doesnt have the money to repair it (smashed two windows and stole his shoes and keyed it and all sorts of retarded crap) so yeah...i dont really know what to do..
  2. thats gay, i hate when people vandalize, it proves nothing.
  3. if you're a friend to them both, you will tell the person who vandalized it to own up, and regardless of his response, tell the person who it was, so he can press charges. stealing someone's shoes is utterly fucked up, as is RANDOMLY smashing windows and busting up someones shit. if he's dumb enough to tell you he did it, and he left his cigs in the car, he fucking deserves to be caught. that dude sucks..

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