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Need advice!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Glimmer40, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Hey all you cool people! OK I met this very cool guy & we totally connect (online that is!) but I haven't told him I'm 420 friendly yet. He says he likes to drink, which is a good thing but how can I bring this up in a cool way? He's a fireman & he's tall & he's got long hair (which I LOVE on a man!) & he told me he's Cherokee! Hee hee! I've never dated a fireman before but they can't be getting high? Can they? LOL!
    Any opinions & feedback are greatly appreciated!
    LISA :)
  2. my brothers friend, and my smoking buddy is going to become a fireman, hes like 19 i think... i dont see why they wouldent smoke, if your riskinbg your life every day, make it more fucking fun! hope it works out with you
  3. just ask if he ever smokes. then he'll have 3 options.
    1)doesn't smoke
    2) dances around the subject but you can say you toke and you'll connect
    3)says he smokes and you ask toacco? if he says yes you say anything else?
  4. You people are fucking cool!
  5. Just umm bring it up, I dunno.. be like "what do you think about weed, my friend is trying to get me to smoke some"..

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