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  1. Hi guys, been growing for two years. Recently bought a 5x5 Grow Tent with a 1000 watt double ended hps.
    At 600 watts, I have a hard time maintaining 78 degrees. The inline fan (394 cf/m) is in full throttle. Can I add another inline fan on the same circuit? Also, if I remove the carbon filter, will I get more power? I don’t need to watch for smells. My wife and I love the smell. Ahaha. Thanks for your help
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  2. Yes you can....considerably more air flow.
  3. The filter will cause some restriction, but not much if it is properly sized for your fan. Adding another fan inline probably wouldnt help much. You could run two separate systems. Fan that only cools the hood, and one fan for circulation. Another option would be to up your fan and ducting to 8".
  4. Well what is it "steady at"..... I mean if it's like 80.....or 81.......I don't see a problem with that........just my .02
  5. I ran my last room at a 76 to 84 running 3 fans with a 600w hps. Just had to water more was all. That and water in the 62 to 64 temp keeps the plants cool if in soil.
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  6. If growing is legal in your state and they don't have laws regarding smell your only worry would be security .
    Pull the filter off.
    I am using 8 inch inline fans in all three of my grow tents and walk in closet .

    This is the main reason so many growers use LED lights .
    LOL this will start a conversation ,,,, from my research quality LED lighting produces 65% less heat .
  7. i use to use hid system and always had a issue with tempurature no matter what even when i got an ac it started getting to cold oftem so my best idea if you plan on staying with hid is get a timer and good air flow one for circulation one for the light heat. or switch to led and get supplementary cfl's. thay what ive done i havent touched the temp since. and stiil get great results. i am using a 1000w with draw at 85w dual spec with a total of 70w worth of cfl's on week 7. best of luck.

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  8. still gotta get those just recently switched to led used to acually use a storage room as a grow room but i have moved homes since than. soon my man soon lol:dance2:
  9. i got rid of all old stuff to many hours set up ran for 5 years i used a four inch inline that should be good enough on 3000 wtt led and 250wt wortch cfl u figure thats what im upgrading to in few months here

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