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  1. Hey, I need advice on something. I've got 3 seedlings and all of them range between 5-7cm buy the leaves are still really small as you can see in the pic. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Maybe it's the light? I'm only using a 20 watt bulb atm because I'm scared that my 600 watt will burn the seedlings. Anyone got any advice??

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  2. 3 to 4 inches is normal but the stretching for light should stop patient at that stage .Don't over water...and no feeding until day 15 ...get a small fan to strengthen those stems..they will be fine...patience


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  3. You need more light and to bring it closer,you can use the 600 but yo have to keep it far away. Try to bury those stems too.
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  4. How far away should I keep the 600 you think?
  5. You van use 600 watt but it need be far. I cant give ta example but i can send you my photo for show you that. ( for example ur tent has 600watt put ur plant out off the tebt) [​IMG]

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  6. Now she is..[​IMG]

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  7. 36-48"
  8. Whenever you transplant don't be afraid to buy the stem some.

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  9. You are fine light wise. They actually need more heat than light right now anyway. The 600 watt will fry them at this point. A seedling always goes about building a root system first. Until it's finished with that task, you get very little growth above soil level or use of water. Basically, you just need to go away and let them do their thing. Once the root system is in place, you'll see new growth start to occur at a more rapid pace. At that point, you can start using your bigger light....but at a reasonable distance because the plants are still young. Temper them to the light for 2 or 3 days and then start bringing the light down closer to your plant. Too close will get you light burn but bringing it in too close will cause light burn. Don't water until your plants are almost dead dry....ALWAYS....Pot growing 101 basic rule. You water them and let them use 99.9% of that water before giving more. They don't like the roots sitting in wet soil constantly which is why a soil mix with killer good drainage is a must. You've got many days to go before your plants will need anything much from you. Right now, they're working their little butts off building a root system and the roots are the brain of your plant. Nothing but plain water in pH range of 6.3 to 6.7 for several weeks. The soil alone will feed your plants at this point. It's only after a plant has gotten more mature that it uses water and nutes faster. Seedlings need very little of anything if your environment is set up right. Happy growing. TWW

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