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  1. Ive got 4 plants about 4 months old that are pushing 4 1/2 feet tall in a grow tent that have just stopped growing, wont bud, but are healthy green and alive! What am I not doing?

    I germinated until seedling, put in rockwool til spouting about 3 inches, then placed in hydro unit in tent. Tent has exhaust hole, a 74 degree heating pad under the water tank to keep water at 74 degrees. Light is a LED grow light and have a small 6 inch fan in there. I spray them with a water bottle every morning. Change the water every week. using FloraGrow, FloraBloom, and FloraMicro as directed on the bottles for proper amounts.

    Why will they not start budding??
  2. I assume photoperiod plants right? What's the lighting schedule? What lights? Any pics?
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  3. I've grown 24 on up until about 2 weeks ago n went to 18/6 to get them to start budding but I'm getting nothing. It's a OxyLED grow light 12W with 9 blue n 3 reds.
  4. If they're photos 18/6 won't kick em into flower. Go to 12/12.

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  5. Yikes, a 12 watt led isn't enough to flower even (1) plant, and you have (4). You are going to need a lot more lighting.
  6. how many watts then...bc when i bought the tent, that's the light it suggested and said max of 6 plants per tent with the one light...
  7. All my plants veg on 18/6... that would explain why you're not flowering as ~12 hours on/off is what triggers a plant to flower.

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  8. Wrong lighting schedule to flower

    Super weak light man. You sure you got the info right? Any pics of it or links to the light?

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