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  1. Ok, my girl is at the bar and for legal reasons I don't feel like talking about I can't drink tonight or go out. And I honestly don't have a good feeling. She says I can trust her, but I am very paranoid and suspicious and she just called me Nd I heard some guys voice and she asked if she can call me back. am I overreacting? First post in a while btw.
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    if you have to wonder and worry, you're wasting your time. trust is very much black and white, and if it isn't mutual it's better to move on.
  3. I don't trust these thirsty dudes taking advantage of drunk girls. And I can't be there cuz of some trouble I'm in. It's bs
  4. If she loves you she won't do anything, but being drunk does have its ways. Worrying won't get you anywhere bro. Just gonna drive you crazy, and taking it out of your girl without any proof is a bullet in the head.

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  5. Just because drunk guys are around your girl it doesn't mean she's all around them. You have to trust her. If you have no reason to not trust her than don't worry. It's not healthy to be so insecure. She won't like it and she'll take it personal. Just believe in her and your relationship. Don't worry so much

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  6. just let her be bro
  7. Man I can't wait til I can go out again. So I can be there to keep an eye out. Luckily she just called me and said not to worry. She is just super beautiful so these thirsty mofo's are desperate And try to take advantage of chicks
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    "Oh baby I was drunk I didn't mean too"

    "I was to drunk I don't remember how many of them were banging me"

    " I was to drunk, I just feel asleep, had a weird dream that someone was sticking it to me"

    Fuck bitches and fuck there trust.
  9. from my experience, if she's given you a reason not to trust her in the past, i'd investigate it. If not.. give her the benifit of doubt and let it be. Just remember, once you catch someone in a lie and they say they're sorry, 95% of the time they're really not genuinely sorry for the shit they lied about. They're sorry they got cought and they're gonna be better at hiding it next time. So just keep a close eye, but don't make her feel like you don't trust her if she hasn't given you a reason to. Honestly, she shouldn't be out drinking without you either.. with her friends I get, but by herself? at a bar? whatever legal trouble you're in doesn't mean she should be denied her drinking privelages, but she should at least have some consideration as to what can play out in an enviornment like that. You should at least let her know that it puts you on edge the kind of things that can happen, not exactly that you don't trust her. Lets flip the tables, if you were to go out drinking by yourself, how would that make her feel?
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    if she's going to leave, you can't stop her.
    you don't need a non loyal girl anyway. if it's not this time, it's the next time, or the time after that. 
    loyalty is essential. if you can't trust her, you should leave her anyway. find a girl you know would never cheat...
    if in doubt, leave. 
  11. Like ej1 said, Why is she drinking alone at a bar without you? The fuck? If she actually wanted to be with you, she'd buy alcohol at a grocery/liquor store, and be drinking with you. You should trust her unless you have reason to believe you can't. If she gets mad at you wanting to stay in, warning sign. If she starts with the whole "Don't you trust me?" BS, "No, I don't trust other guys, and drinking alone at a bar is a good way to get drugged. You're too beautiful to be going out on your own at night". If nothing else, that'll calm her down. I think time will tell, you need to keep doubting it until proven one way or another. If you keep doubting, at least it won't come as a shock/bitch slap either way.
  12. RUN!!!!!!! like the wind! Leave, get out she is a player. she is not in the same place as you in this relationship. Would you go out partying without her? Like i said before run don't walk to the nearest exit. 

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