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  1. What would you do if you found out your girlfriend had two friends with benefits? I honestly don't know what to do right now I'm so fuckin confused!!! I don't know whether to trust her or not. I just need some advice
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    She have them currently or used to?

    If currently then bukkake.
  3. Get rid of her, she wants to get some on the side let her. But you won't be there to support her after she comes home from making her male friends feel better.
  4. like while she was going out with u?

    if its from the past..then from experience trust me ur just gunna have to deal with it
  5. Well we were together then she left me and got back with me but we were separated for about a month and that'd when she had them...but I can't help to think that this bitch will do it again and she always wants to fuck like ALL THE TIME which is cool but what about when im not around? And I just don't know if I could trust her with girls being the way that they are these days. Also she says stuff like ill call u back and takes hours to call back and same shit when she text me im seriously getting tired of this shit nut what do yall think...
  6. Break up with her via text.
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  7. Uh, ask her why she's my girlfriend and before she answered
    tell her she's nothing but a dirty hoe bag and slam the door
    in her slutty face?


    Depending on if it was "had" or "has". We need some clarification.
  8. Well if you genuinely care for the girl, just tell her you really need to talk to her. Then be straight up about how you're feeling, what's bothering you, what you'd prefer. If she's worth being with, she'll listen and understand where you're coming from. If not, then idk man, not everything is meant to last. There's plenty to experience
  9. OMG im in that same situation basically..cept me n my girl havent been together for a year, she had another dude me another girl and all that but around November she came back into my life..only for stuff like that to happen "call you back soon" and never answering the texts even thought she answers EVERYONE else and facebooks all day. the worst thing is in novemeber shes the one who popped back around and then i find out last month from her shes fucked 2 other dudes cuz shes a "nympho" and needed it. LMAO

    and worst part is she goes out and drinks every night apparently, and is also a damn sloppy drunk..wouldnt doubt if she gave any guy who talked to her the time of day, which in a bar, at 2 am gives off the wrong messages no?

    sorry dude im venting for both of us lol
  10. Lol its all good Bro we all need to vent every now and then haha
    Well I ended up calling her and she just pissed me off saying how everyones "uses" her and I was like whatever ill call you back...I think ill call her in a day or two LMFAO!
  11. she would not be my girl friend if she's getting fucked by any other cawk
  12. Tell her you're not comfortable with being someone who has friends with benefits on the side. Ask her if she's still seeing those guys and that if she is, she needs to end it with them or you two need to go your own separate ways. Tell her that the "I'll call you later" stuff is getting kind annoying, she may not mean for it to be, but it still makes you feel suspicious regardless.

    Be firm, but don't whine like a bitch or act all macho and tough.

    Same advice for you. And tell her that "nympho" excuse doesn't mean anything when you're in a relationship. If she wants to be with you she needs to grow up and handle the relationship properly or move on, because you're not going to waste your time with that shit.

    As for the drinking, tell her to keep herself in check (do it nicely, but firmly) and stop heading out for a drink at 2 AM because that's just going to make it easier for her to screw up. If she can't do that, then you tell her your ready to move on.
  13. Downgrade her to a fuck buddy.

    Don't act butt hurt or emotional. Just reduce time spent with her. Fuck her but don't cuddle.

    Start searching for a good girl to fulfill your romantic needs (Test your women for qualities you like, don't just be blinded by the pussy), and keep fucking her on the side.

    Dump her if you want a monogamous relationship once you find a new girl.

    Don't let yourself feel guilty. This girl is not worthy of your commitment. And make no mistake, a man's commitment is his most valuable commodity. Don't undervalue yourself.

    Have fun with it. Sex and seduction is fun, if you can keep your ego from investing too much into situations like this.

  14. the last girl i was fucking with was the exact same she ended up cheating on me twice..fuck that bitch dump her like i did so shell always be begging for u back but only take it when ur bored;)
  15. I don't get all the negative shit people are saying. Has she been good and faithful while you two were strictly exclusive? Then why does it matter what happened when you guys broke up? She was a free spirit at the time, and did what she want.

    Don't tell me if the opportunity came up you wouldn't of done the exact same thing..
  16. I would dump her thats not cool. Shes cheating on you
  17. Upload noodz of her here to get back at her.
  18. Me and my ex would always break up and make up.One time she dumped me and two weeks later tried talking to me again,only to tell me she fucked 2 guys in the last two weeks because she was "drunk" and "horny".Well that was the last time I talked to her.
  19. lmaoooooo if the bitch i was referring to ever pissed me off enough or slutted it up enough..i might could see myself doing that lol
  20. Man dude this is what I was thinking of doing but just didn't know if I should or not but I think I got it now haha

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