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  1. Hello everyone,

    I've been a proud pot smoker for a year now. Purchasing 2 bongs in my time. I was introduced by a friend as an experiment. Just try it out. I comply and I've seriously enjoyed it.

    A close friend of mine has been under going a serious harsh lifestyle. (Bullying, parents(cancer) and anxiety/joint pains. He is overweight)

    I introduced him and he started to feel passionate about it. Like myself. He even organized his own room so we can smoke some pot down there during school. (He usually never cleans his room. This was the first)

    We recently started burning with this chick during the summer quite often. Almost everyday. Until the school year started when I learned more about her. How disgusting she actually is. (Std wise). Luckily I never went down on her. I stopped hanging with her as I also noticed that we were burning her for mostly all the sessions and we didn't get any back. I usually enjoy sharing but the fact that I'm not getting the favour returned grinds my gears.

    Now my friend hangs with her ALOT. I felt like his parent he never had (raised poorly) and he was getting on the right track school-wise and he used the weed as a replacement to his ADHD pills. He also used it to cope with depression from losing a family member. Now he takes her over me and another close friend just because he claims that she burns him so he gets "free weed" which essentially not true. As she never burns people back and he won't accept the fact.

    We have pretty much distanced apart and he is starting to hangout with the "shady" crew. The meth and crackheads. My friend also thought about doing ecstasy and started smoking cigarettes.

    I don't want to be his dad in any way but I'm trying to look out for him as a bro. Any advice on what to do?

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    All you can do is tell him how you feel. He may disagree and it could hurt the friendship between the two of you but you can't change people. He will eventually realize you were just trying to look out for him, though it may take a month or it could even take years. With all of that being said, I do think your friend should be able to live how he chooses to. My best friend smokes cigarettes and loves rolling on unmentionables (which you already mentioned) but he's well aware that they aren't good for you. Basically you should start worrying if he gets into some really hard shit, and/or is on the road to killing himself with drug abuse.
  3. let him do it, he is capable of making his own decisions. if you don't wanna be his "dad" then it's simple. DONT DO IT, problem solved:wave:

    and stop talking about other drugs
  4. I could be wrong, but aren't some std's capable of being transferred through a joint, like if she accidentally slobbered on it or something.
  5. You have to drink like more then a cup of saliva or something like that to be able to catch and std... so no worrys ur safe
  6. If a friend were to drunk drive would you stop him?
  7. If he was clearly drunk enough to where he would not stand a chance then yes I would try to stop him
  8. If you see him heading towards a bad direction I say if you really care about your friend you'll try and steer him in a good one. You might not be his "Dad" but he could really be heading down a road in which it'll be too late to return from later on in life.

    Since he has been through so much you can only imagine how he's feeling. Seems like he's starting live carelessly and that doesnt end up well
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    the friends that i drink with would never, and i mean never under any circumstances do that so i wouldn't have to try and stop them. and if they did well i would strongly advise them not to, but if they don't want to listen that's on them i mean im not gonna fight them for their keys or anything and besides that is a totally different argument then the one you presented above
  10. Good to know.
  11. an std is a "sexually transmitted disease" which means it is sexually transmitted.
  12. people change

    tell him how you feel and if he doesn't care anymore then just forget about him, find a hot girl and make some better friends
  13. above post. do that

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