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  1. Looking to purchase a new piece trying to stay under 100$ for the moment. The weed stars are nice on here for the price but does anyone know If gogopipes is a legit site still? I see good nd bad reviews. thinking About a piece from there
  2. I got myself a black leaf 6 arm tree perc a couple of months ago - theyre very reasonably priced and youd be able to get some accessories within your $100 - Ive got no complaints, looks the dogs when I attach the precooler and the ladies love it :)
  3. Aight thx bro ordered a 1 ft cylinder tree perc nd ice catch shipping is pretty cheap too. How long did it take for urs to arrive? I chose priority mail as well
  4. Yes its legit i bought a double bubbler off there about a month ago no problems shipped really fast
  5. alright how long did it take 2 ship? im in NJ nd its shipping from Cal or oregon
  6. I got it with in 4 bussiness days and im in ma and it came from wa i think
  7. Grab a 'nicer' straight tube or beaker with a diffused downstem for a 100ish. You won't regret it, a cheap, thin glass piece will only cause trouble after the first few weeks. Defenitly upgrade the downstem to something a little nicer if it doesn't fit your likings. HVY has 16" tubes for 110 that look ideal on aqua.
  8. yea i already ordered it last night, it is cheap tho nd i have to wait till next month for more $$. Gonna kick it with this thing for a month maybe 2 nd ima order something bigger/better
  9. the downstem is diffused on the one i ordered tho
  10. congrats you bought a shitty "glass" tube.
  11. kicked over my friends bing a few days ago so i had 2 order him a new one figured id get my self a lil treat but ya lick my nads mikey
  12. hahaha touche
  13. idk its solid for price i know glass will prob be cheap but 5 arm tree perc ice c nd 12' in. was not trying 2 spend anything over 50 so ill take it.

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