Need Advice With Next Stage Of My England Outdoor Grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by deakboy, May 29, 2013.

  1. i have 4 purple maroc , and a pack of 5 outdoor uk grow seeds currently growing in small pots outside in and old rectangle fishtank with chicken wire covering the top . 4 of the plants are currently about the height of a ketchup bottle with 4 leaves comeing of the stem and a cluster of leaves at the top. the others have only just emerged from the ground with 4 leaves at the top. i am aware that the plants are going to need re potting soon but arn't sure what way to go about doing this.  the earth is reasonably clay'ey and the spot is in a bracon feild with lots of other plants and brambles growing all over the place. what are my options? im aware im either going to have to buy some big pots or to dig a whole , how big a hole , how big pots? advantages and disadvantages of both? what to feel the pots/hole with bearing in mind im on the cheap.  cheers!!!

  2. Do it in the ground if your gonna plant outside. Minimium size would be 2ft x 2ft x 2ft, whereas any bigger would be better. Best way to determine size of holes is to determine how much u want to pay for soil, which type of soil, and how you are going to carry it to your holes. 
    2'x2'x2' = (8 cubic feet / 60 gallons / 226.535 liters) of soil. So with 9 plants, u would need roughly (72 cubic feet / 450 gallon / 2038.815 Liters) of soil
    As for transplanting, do it when the soil is dry and stuck together, as it wont tend to fall apart as easily as soil that is heavily saturated with water. 

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