need advice with my parents

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. well i just turned 19 and i live with my parents. i just got my diploma and im attending college in the fall. my dad told me that i could continue living at home as long as i needed as long as i maintained decent grades, kept a job, and lived by his rules.

    my dad is lienient on me. he knows i moke pot, and knows i drink on the weekends. so i know my dads cool. but latley ive noticed that "living by his rules" has gotten a tad rediculous. im 19. ive never played the whole "im an adult now" card on them becasue i know it would lead to a big fight. but im getting sick of the curfew shit and asking him if i can leave the house. its geting a little redicoulous. now i respect my dad and dont wanna tell him off

    what do you guys think i should do?
  2. Just sit down with him and talk about the situation. :p Respect is the biggest key, and if he's as cool as he sounds, respect will probably win him over. Anyways, that's been my experience.
  3. ^^^^^I agree ^^^^^
    Just talk to him about it, but make sure you're calm and respectful. Oh and don't talk to him in the heat of the moment ... like when you're trying to leave or something. Just bring it up one day when your both at the house one day.
  4. Talking works wonders.

    But of causes disasters too.
  5. Blaze with him, then talk.
  6. we dont blaze together.... too awkward for the both of us. we both just agree that we each do it... just not around each other.
  7. is he the one putting the pressure on you or your mom?
  8. Bake your dad a tray of brownies and have a man to man.
  9. divorced parents... live with dad. he has a gf who is like my mom so when i say "parents" i really mean my dad and his gf. shes mad cool.
  10. Tell him that you are an adult, and that if he keeps pushing these rules on you that you're going to find somewhere else to live?
  11. thats the problem... i cant afford to live anywhere but home right now. if that were the case id move... thats not gonna happen
  12. i tried something like this a few years ago. my mom knows i smoke weed and is cool with it as long as i do it safely. heres the general idea:

    "dad, i know you put a lot of trust in me already and i respect that. im not trying to take advantage of you or anything like that, but im 19 now and i think i deserve a little more freedom. im not asking for much but i think staying out a bit later at night wouldnt be such a bad thing. ill always check in with you if my plans change" on

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