//////Need advice transplanting rooted clones into DWC (nutrients)

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  1. First time with DWC so please bare with.....

    Transplanted freshly rooted clones (about 3/4'' of visibal roots) into 3.5gal DWC buckets. I added the below amounts of Micro,Grow & Bloom to the water. Curious to see if I should not of added any nutrient until ateleast wk 2?

    2gall bucket
    .5teaspoon of Micro, Grow & Bloom nutrient to each of the two buckets

    They are feeding off Advanced Nutrients 3-part Grow,Micro,Bloom.. The bottle says .77teaspoon per gal and considering I have 2gal of RO water in there I lowered it a little to .5tea/gal.

    Read somewhere on the web that after cloning and transplanting the tips of the leaves will discolor and shed a bit within the first wk or two of growth?

    No PPM meter until next wk so I'm sailing in the dark here for a bit....
    Either I stick with it and let them ride it out, or if it is in fact a case of too many ppms at this stage, dillute or change the water out completely....

    Any thoughts??

  2. when you transplant clones, you can make a water mix to start at about 1/3 reccomanded dosage . then upgrade to full mix when you want.
    healty clones are not turning any yellow leafs. if you always keep them at a good humidity when rooting, and dont let dry too much,be gentle with them everydays until they root and them transplant them, you will have still all green leafs. ( the more ou have leaf on them and they are green, faster they will grow of course )
  3. I start my clones with about 10% strength nutes when going from my cloning dome to their net pots. I also top feed until I see roots poking through.

    While in the dome I just use clean ph water and mist them until I see good roots coming out
  4. yes that it.

    if you want your clone grow faster when transplanting you can do this here :
    when you see everyclone that have roots at the bottom, you can water them 1 last time with the nutes at 10 % or 25 %, so they will already have resistance and will already know what is nutes, when clones have roots you can give them nutes.
    so like this , you water them 1 times before transplanting them, wait anoter 2-3 days, then transplant them with up to 25 % and even 40 % of the nute solution, trust me they will like that.

    the best solution of course is to have a hydroponics system for babies only, with a mist spray controled, and a flood and drain system for the clones only , like that, they will already know what nute is and when you want a transplant them, ouch, they have so much roots already
    with this you can do the 2 days veg and straight to 12/12 and have the technic small plants big buds

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