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Need advice/tips on an outdoor grow

Discussion in 'Security' started by CaveCreekStoner, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Can you get a decent yield from an outdoor grow, also would the conditions in Arizona(Phoenix) be right to start an outdoor grow. there is a lot of open desert in the North Valley. Also can you just use any seeds from a pickup you get and what supplies are needed for an outdoor grow
  2. the sun is the best hps there is, so arizona would be a great place to grow.but it does get really hot so you want some partial shade or atleast put it in the ground and mulch it to conserve water and keep the roots cool, the bigger the hole the bigger the plant. and yeah you can use bagseed , but you want a few to plant incase they turn to male. basically all you need is a good soil mix and water, fuck them chemicals.. organic is easier once you make your mix all you have to do is water.heres all you need to know about a soil mix most important things to go into your soil is: Humus(compost,EWC), perlite(aeration), rock dust(azomite, granite, glacial rock dust) and kelp meal..
  3. yeah this is what im using. since your goin to have such hot days i would add more perlite or vermiculite to hold more water. and i would plant in a spot where theres a chunk of green, instead of just the plants i feel like that would stand out in a desert setting

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