need advice(sexual content) no haters!!!!!

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    So two months I was hanging out with a friend of mine from Highschool who I had not seen in a while. We decided that because we didn't have shit to do that day we would just chill at his place and of course get extremely high and watch some movies. He told me that a friend of his was gonna come over and hang out too, which was cool with me the more the merrier right? So 20min later his friend comes over and it turns out to be my ex gf's little brother who I have not seen in forever. He was in 8th grade when I graduated form HS and it was kind of crazy because he used to be this short annoying kid. He was in college now but was home on spring break and he played soccer for the college he went to. It turns out that my buddy and he became friends because my buddy sold to him. I joked and told him if his sister ever knew she would kill him but that it was cool that he was a toker. I can't remember how many bowls we smoked from that bong but we got pretty fucking high. Now before I go any further I am a very open minded guy and I will admit that there were a few theater boys during my college years that came really close to giving me head(i am a huge flirt and when drunk and high easily tempted) I always thought about it but was too scared of peeps finding out being on campus and all so i just ignored it, besides I get tons of pussy when ever I want it so that itch was easily scratched. I had heard rumors about my boy way back in HS and It never bothered me and he finally told me he was bi. If you have read my post here you already know that when I smoke weed I get really horny i'm talkin instant hard on. I started to joke about it and my bud asked me if I had ever gotten head from a guy and of course I said no. He sort of laughed and said wanna know what it feels like? I at first felt weird because tho he is a good looking guy.....It's totally my bud!!! That thought would never cross my mind and he was saying this right in front of my ex girlfriend's little brother who I had to admit had grown up to be quite a hottie. I said dude it would be weird because we are friends he said don't worry you and i are just gonna chill. Turns out that they had this thing going so I sat down next to my friend while my ex-girlfriend's little brother gave us blowjobs/handjobs. It was the best fucking bj I have ever had and the orgasm was the most intense iv'e ever had, which confused me! Is it because he sort of looked like his sister, that I was fucking blazed out of my fuckin head, both? I don't know. The reason I posted this is because I now find myself wanting to hook up with other boys now. Ive been home twice since then the last time I actually had sex with him(me giving of course)It's been awesome. I have no problem with being gay or bi I sort of assumed that I felt like that but I think he likes me a bit too much and I don't want to hurt him plus I feel awkward because he my ex's little brother... not to mention my bud wants us to have some threesome sort of arrangement...(don't get me wrong I have to admit sense the first time I look at my bud differently and that's a good thing)not sure about that now.... wut should i do
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    hey i used to think that too but now i realize im gay, good luck with that :). in all seriousness who cares what happens in 420land stays in 420land. ooh and you can totally smoke with me ;)
  3. go with the flow, get that man-pussy bro!
  4. Personally, I wouldn't want to get involved with an exs sibling. I say go out there, hook up/date another guy, figure out if you are indeed gay/bi, and go from there.

    BTW, I'm glad your handling this so well, because one of my friends had a little drunken incident with a guy, freaked himself out, and was a wreck for like a year until just a few months ago when he came to terms with it all.
  5. Make sure both of you are comfortable, and why not go for it?

    Kind of ironic, but in the end it might be worth it.
  6. i am kinda gettin a gay vibe from this that wats goin on ... are yall gaying up on each other
  7. [​IMG]

    no hate intended, just thought it was a funny picture
  8. no one should influence who you love as long as you find someone attractive and get along with em why not enjoy the person that makes you happy and share your life with em
  9. Yeah I guess I'd echo what was said about getting involved with an ex's sibling or a friend possibly leading to awkward situations. But if you're comfortable enough exploring it, I hope everything works out for ya.

    I ain't gonna hate.
  10. I'd say stay away from the siblings that's just asking for trouble. But if he's okay with it and you are both mature I guess it could work.
  11. This sounds like this could be an episode of a jerry springer show, I hooked up with my ex-girlfriends brother.

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