Need advice: record audio from a video stream

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  1. Hey whats up guys, I have a problem. See my sig? The Bob Marley link? I wanna be to record that so I rock out on my iphone. Stupid no flash using iphone!!!!! Anyhoo, I tried to figure this out and I just fail. So any of you guys out there know what I'm sayin' *& could hook a nugga up?

    Much appreciated
  2. There's a free program called Audacity that will do what you need.

    Click the 'Record' button in Audacity, play the video, click the' Stop' button in Audacity. Export to MP3 and voila.
  3. There are website you can go to that rip the audio from videos I don't know any but google is your friend.

    Also if you have a Mac and firefox you can use the video downloaded in the browser import the video file to iMovie an then right click the clip separate the audio from the video and save it as an audio file.

    The latter takes more time but it would be higher quality. Good luck

    (I didn't read any of the other posts)

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