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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by captchronic, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. hi all,hope everyones doin ok.but ive got this problem of my stems turning red and the lower leaves having a darker colored spot on them and curling upwards and inwards ,i myself think it might just be a trace element deficiency if anyone has got any advice it's greatly appreciated
  2. First of all, what kind of light set-up do you have? Secondly how many weeks old are you plants and how much do you water them?
  3. 600 hps and i water them like everyother day or when they become dry to the touch and they are 3 weeks
  4. im using like 1and a half cc's of superthrive to a gallon of water but your saying that it might be over fert if its everyother day
  5. that'd be my guess too woody, light setup sounds fine, watering is ok. Could be due to lack of freah air maybe
  6. Alternate using fert with good 'ol filtered water
  7. arent red stems have something to do with nitrigen?
    and my next question is but overfert shouldnt cause spots on the plant i wouldnt think,and the water in my house gous thru a reverse osmosis filter ive heard that that might not be great water to use

  8. when u say dry to the touch do u mean just on top or do u poke ur finger in the dirt down to about an inch or so and go by that? dont 4get that a 600w lamp is gonna b drying the tops of ur pots out super fast but just a few inch down it cud b like a swamp in ther.
  9. naw ive got a great combo lighgt ph and water meter for them so
  10. Red stems are the norm with some strains. Try putting the ferts in every third watering and see how it goes.
  11. thank u everyone im gonna get some pics of my babies as soon as i can for evweryone ok
  12. so now i get back and it was looking great but now im thinkin that its gettin worse im way confused
  13. i was thinkin it was my soil too i mean i got it and it wasnt really nice at all huge twiggs and shi in it u really think thats it?
  14. i was also just realizing this ive been using purified water from a reverse osmosis filter so that is prolly making it confusing to diagnose my problems correctly right now

  15. not very many people understand this very important point.
    truly good avice here.

    my dad is a horticulturualist and he has this "T" looking object that you stick in the ground mostly for turf to see the moisture levels for the top foot, now im not saying this will work for you but maybe something smaller and on the same principle.

    sounds like too much nitro too me.

    remember you should never water with fert on dry soil anyway.

    dont fert more than once a freakin week for sure too (this again is all in my opinion,,, woody- obviously will overrule me like the ass that he is *winces in jealousy*)

    solution: water every 3 days or so instead and fert every fourth time.

    stay cool yall
  16. Red are part of the strain but also from temperature... Cooler temps. @ night will result in a nice dark green or red stem... This is what I've seen when growing outdoors in North East states much of the time... I'll say this just because I've moved nice light green plants outside for summer growing and they turned red or darker over a few night's... Personally I like the colour....
  17. TRy a little epsom salt two spoonful per gallon of water to build up some magnesium in that is normal to many can get epsom salts at any dollar store and its sounds it needs more air circulation and maybe an add a top layer of cow manure..field dried or boughten....Cow manure has alot of elements!!!! I'd buy another small fan and bring a cardboard box/ shovel and say hey farmer...give me sum of that cow sh-t. The epsom and li mucho elements in cow manure and with a little more fresh air you should be ok unless it has root rot...if it dies..dry it and do "Bubble" method .about 60%thc either way your not screwed. If it ain't bubble its not worth the trouble.

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