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Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, May 19, 2004.

  1. So check this, in math, were in the chapter about adding/subtracting/mutliplying/dividing polynomials, binomials, mononomials. So this chapter right here is what made me fail this class last quarter. So I just studied for this test.. and I was high as a kite. Well I get this shit, like its nothing too. But when I was in class, sober, it gave me a headache and I could not understand it at all. So the question is.. should I smoke before I take this test or not? Maybe get up a little early and try studing sober and if I get it, don't smoke, or if I don't maybe smoke a few hits off the one hitter or something. Damn.. this sounds like a dumb question, but for real, I didn't get the shit when I was straight.
  2. If you want to pass i would not do it. You will not remember anything. One of the few "bad" things weed does is affect your memory.

    But if you dont care, TOKE UP!
  3. college math yo.
  4. I hate university math (which is why i switched to psych). I wouldn't take the test high, I didn't even pass my classes sober.
  5. ya man, binomials polynomials.. that's like gr 10 shit.. maybe the pot is holding you back man.. hehehehe
  6. yeah i defintiely did that in 8 or 9th grade...
  7. yea see, I sucked in math all my life. its not my thing. I never took algebra 1 before getting out of school.
  8. i would study high and then take the tes thigh
  9. If you understand it better when you're high, then take the test high. Personally, whenever I go to school high my minds kind of all over the place, its hard to focus, Im always thinking about other shit other than the task at hand. Thats why I never get high before tests. I dunno man, whatever works for you.
  10. Study high, take the test high get high scores! Too bad you've been out of school for like 5-6 years now.

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