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  1. Ok, theres this kid named Roy, hes 16. Hes always been like a little brother to me. Anyways, hes experimented with meth over the last year, and i've done every thing i could to keep him off it, but im afraid its got him now.

    His mother is almost hysterical. He didnt come home all weekend, and for the few minutes he did, which was at 10am one morning, his mother said he was jumpy, edgy, excited, and begging for money. Meth? I think so.

    Anyways, i dont know what I can do. I know hiding it from his mother is not helping anything, so thats exposed now. Ive told her to take his buspass so he cant get out of town (hes getting the meth in vancouver i believe...) Shes now giving all his allowance and money to me, and if he wants to spend it he can come with me for the day. Shes driving him to school, ive told her to start picking him up from school. Maybe homeschool would help him out. Ive been told he was snorting lines off his thumb DURING class.

    Ive recommended pat downs before he leaves, locks on his windows to prevent sneaking out, and just general watch over all his behauvior.

    I feel terrible for doing this to him, but i know he needs it. Hes always been a a trouble kid, i was always his "mentor" you could say.

    Im going to take him to a movie tonight and have a real talk with him.

    I dont know if rehab is the right direction, but i dont know what else can be done? hes already crossed the line. Im thinking couple months in a place like that is the only salvation.

    If anyone with experience with this PLEASE give me some pointers. I think hes in his second week of regular use... but really i have no idea. im going to talk to some of his "friends" that are possibly involved tomorrow.
  2. alright well thanks ;) good to know i cant force him.

    the first plan to pop into my head was kick his ass till he stops :D guess thats not the best idea.

    anyways, we're going to a movie in a little bit. give him a nice long talking to about where his life is going, and where it could be going, or very possibly end. Hopefully i can talk some sense into him.

    One more question. would smokes or weed be ok to smoke with him still? or should it be a drug free trip. we'll probably blaze either way, but i just incase, id like to know.
  3. well im thinking cold turkey. i think he could do it. i might have to supply him with free pot till he's off it if theres any sign it helps him stop cravings. thanks for the tips obliv.

    any other input, no matter how obvious or minute, is greatly appreciated. never know if i looked something over.
  4. i've never had any experience with meth, either me or friends using it, but i do know about addiction and excessive recreational drug use (or "abuse" if you really must use that term).

    i strongly advise continued (and perhaps even heavy) use of cannabis to ease the cravings he's having and, hopefully it will divert his funds away from the addictive shit. keep him occupied and keep him away from situations that are going to bring about renewed cravings. the more you can keep him away from others who use it, the better.
    if theres any other problems that his drug use could be a form of escapism from, try to limit the effect these things will have on him too.

    but again... dont be forcing this shit on him, that more likely to push him away and deaper into the drug binge. its gotta be his own choice. all you can do is try to make the alternative sound as appealing as possable.
  5. As a young person, I'd say that oppression and forceful watch is NOT what another wants. We want to be free to do whatever. Does Roy do meth by himself or with friends? If with friends I'd say that if it's a bad crowd then try to keep him away from these people. You know, I'm not really sure what I would do. Talk to him and bring up his mother. A teen would do anything if for their parents if they love them. I'm sure he does. Get interested in what he does maybe and then try to come up with career involving his interests. If he likes what he does then he'll be good at it naturally. If you can map out a future for him then he might have some ambition to get into college/university. That's all I can say I guess I'm no good for advise... just for lying.
  6. It seems to me that the exact wrong way to do things is to try to force it. I mean, if someone gave me the treatment Roy's getting, I'd just rebel against them. And all the pat-downs and window locks in the world wouldn't stop me if I was determined or angry enough. Not to mention that I'd hypothetically be addicted to meth and need my next fix.

    I don't really know what you could do though. Does Roy know you recommended all this? If he does, or if he finds out, he will think you "betrayed" and "squealed" on him, and be bitter and angry, and he won't listen to anything you have to say, much less trust you. If he doesn't know you recommended all that, you might be able to convince him to go to rehab if you come off as respectful and sympathetic enough. Don't say that using meth is right or wrong, that would come off as hypocritical if he knows you smoke, and set him against you wether he knows you smoke or not.

    Anyway, my whole point is that you won't be able to force Roy to do anything. Forcing him would only push him away from you. Instead, you have somehow make him want to clean up for himself.
  7. alright well we went to the movie. didnt end up seeing one. just hung out around the theater.

    he says hes happy bout all the stuff ive done. turns out hes got himself his own drug councilour, so im sure he'll be just fine. ive told him he can come over anytime for a free joint smoking whenever hes craving, but i dont think hes got it too bad.

    the main problem is that he goes to a one room alternative school. all the kids are bottom of the barrel burn out punks. he has a meth dealer in his class for godsakes. quarter of the kids or addicts. this is HIGH SCHOOL too. what the fuck.

    anyways his parents are going to try and get him into a better program, keep him with the councilour. ill supply him with some bud.

    i think all will be good. he wants the help.
  8. thats cool that youre doin that adam..yeah wtf kind of a class is that though, that sucks he has to be in there with those kids..but eh atleast ya think hes gona be alright, so thats good :)
  9. i was hooked on meth for a while but i found out how to make it so if i was going to do it i could do it safe and have my own shit it didnt take much to make it. i tried my hardest to get off then i was like fuck it and started getting rid of the meth and using every once in a while. if anyone i knew like that was hooked id set him down and tell him to get clean and ill help him and he can have my shit b/c meth is fucked up you do anything for that shit.
  10. how'd it turn out?

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