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  1. hi,

    ok so my problem is that i think my ballast my be dead,

    my electric went off this morning, my misses flicked the trip switch to turn it back on without unplugging my lights first, one went back on and the other didnt come on, this has happened before but i just took another ballast and bulb i had spare and hooked that one up.... so this time i tried the blub from my other light (the one that failed first time this happened) and it didnt come on, i went out and got a brand new bulb came home fitted it plugged the ballast in and still nothing, tried changing the fuse in the plug and still nothing,,,

    sooo my problem is that i now have 2 600w ballasts that i guess are fucked.. i have no idea about electrics and how a ballast works...

    has this happened to anyone and do you know if i can fix it?????

    i have no money to buy a new ballast!!

    please help my plants are 5 weeks in to flower and i think im goin to loose them :(
  2. Oh man bro thats fuckin brutal...i was on day fifty eight wjen the hurricane hit and lost power for three days I was bugged tha fick out worried..they survived thank god..i feel for ya..i had a ballast shit out on me and wjen I opened it metal inside had cut a wire I had to twist it and cap it and it worked.
  3. i'd go get some CFL's to hold you over long enough to figure out the ballast problem...

    if their new enough you could get a replacement under warantee

    but here's the larger problem... I would be more concerned that you've smoked two ballasts... my guess is faulty wiring in your home... How old is your house? do you know a 420 friendly electrician? if not start looking or be prepared to tear down your grow so you can get a regular electrician in there to inspect wiring

    did you check your breaker to ensure you still have power to those outlets?

  4. Really good advice...
  5. thanks guys, mannaged to find a friend happy to front me the cash in return for a bit of the crop, and my friendly electrician is comin to check the wireing tomoro.

  6. My old ballasts has got a fuse built into it, maybe it's just a fuse, I'd see an electrican just to be safe


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