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  1. My plant was on my desk as i was cleaning out the grow tent. While it was on the counter my cat ate ALL of the leaves except for the very top new growth. There is a partial leaf on one side but it is damaged badly. It is very young. Is this going to be to much stress on this plant ot is it possible to pull thru.  unnamed.jpg BEFORE  unnamed (1).jpg AFTER

  2. Just let it keep going. Take care of it as per usual. Some plants recover, some don't. That's about as much as I can say.
    Yea that is what i am doing. It LOOKED like it was female. I saw little hairs coming off of the bumb at the node when i used my Gem lens. I hope it works out....Thanks for responding though. 
  4. At that age you won't know. My plants are always over a month old before they show. It could be anything at this age and you wouldn't know. Just throw another seed in the soil just in case, if you aren't sure.
    Will do, thanks for the advice. Its my first grow after roughly two months of research. Everything went well until stupid cat ate it. I am sellinf it to the korean lady down the street!
  6. Dude, animal life is just as meaningful as human life. Remember that. Weed isn't THAT important. All this means is place your seedling somewhere the cat can't get it. If the cat can get a paw on it, your best bet is a proper indoor grow. Mine protects them from the cats.. Not from me though. XD. 
  7. When my dogs piss me off I tell them old yeller taught them nothing.

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  8. My dog keeps my girls cats away from the plants.

    Seriously, this dog thinks that grow room is hers. Lol.
  9. Fuck that sucks. I had a similar thing happen I had a nice little seedling going only to find my dog had eaten it. But at least you have a bit of plant left my was eaten hole.
  10. Yah it could come back it could not, either way you won't know for quite a while

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  11. Given the amount of stress it was just put through, what dude here said.
  12. Our dog has no interest in our project she just gets the munchies it seems whenever we have them she has to be included in the feeding frenzy

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