Need advice on what to choose for test samples

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  1. I popped $140 to get my strains tested. I chose a mobile company for cheaper rates. I grew

    y griega 27% thc
    caramelo 22%thc
    hammerhead 14%thc/6.5%cbd
    chocolope 20%thc

    The results:

    yg 7.7%
    cara 7.9%
    hh 8.3%thc/3.3%cbd
    choco 9%

    My samples were fresh and not fully dry. I was unaware this company did not factor in moisture content....a key factor as water contains no thc. I believe this is why I tested so low.

    I grew using state of the art lights and ideal indoor conditions. I used AN line and these girls were the biggest, most resinous girls yet. I cant believe it is possible to grow a 27% profile plant and get 7%thc.

    We assume it is the mosture content that threw the tests. I am going to have the Ygriega retested at a lab that does proper testing. It is $120 vs $40 each. As I already spent $140, I want to submit the best sample.

    The question: How would you choose what to send in as a sample to give it the best chance at a good score?

    The plants went full term. I have some amber trichs as I wanted couchlock weed this time fully matured. They say older plants have peaked and have degraded thc (lower result). I have lower buds that didnt get a lot of light, but have clearer trichs.

    Some say even though older flowers have deteriorated the rate of decay of thc to cbn is insignificant and hold the highest thc.

    Some say the top bud is the highest. Some say the middle buds. Without $1000's of testing, I am gonna have to guess.


    My thoughts. I am looking for the most crystalized flowers that have the most in tact (not shriveled up) pistols and cloudy, but not amber/brown. I am trimming out as much of the stem as I can and all outer leaves that are not fully covered in trichs.

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  2. Pics 3 and 4 are of the actual samples I sent in for testing.

    Imagine how I felt after spending $140, on top of $8000 in production costs and I open the mail that says my best grow ever tested lower than dirt brown mexican shit weed.
  3. Hey

    Interesting stuff

    Although I think you just made a silly mistake, you should of sent them that weed fully dried after being cured for about a month, then the results woulda been much more accurate I am sure.
  4. Well thc degrades with time. Theoretically the best results would come from the freshest of samples. That was my train of thought.

    The company just told me they will retest my samples for free. So now I have a chance to know. My guess is choosing certain buds will matter little. maybe 1 or 2% at most. :S

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