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Need advice on strain choice.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kamille, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    I'm planning a grow and have a dr90, 400w ir gavistar.
    I am growing for sure the holy grail kush from dna gentics and i'm looking for a different matching strain
    to grow alongside.
    The plan is to have 9 and 4-5 each, first places for fastest growers.
    I was thinking of the blue cheese to match the kush but as the flowering times vary I don't
    know which one to pick, the big Buddha or barney.
    Or maybe something g13 or lemony haze.
    Heard a lot from mataro blue also.
    Now, what strain would match the holy grail kush in flowering time and stretch?
    I do pinch here and there but rather not.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    PS: Previous grow was extrema and silver kush.

  2. You are talking about the Samsara Holy Grail '69, correct?
  3. No, from dna genetics. 
    It's called holy grail kush.
  4. Just did holy grail this summer... Don't know about anyone else's experience with it but mine sucked Hermes 4 fems and of those only 1 was an acceptable pheno but was very resiliant. Didn't do shit for bud tho **Knives heated dull Orange Release sweet smoky nectar I am lifted high**
  5. ThX for your info nomad881.
    2 bad for the hermies.
    But I don't think the strain itself is prone to produce hermies.
    I think that hermies tend to grow out of poorly stored seeds.
    I've had this with very stable strains happen 2 me 2.
  6. Here's what an old buddy of mine posted to my thread back in 2012 when I was going to order DNA Chocolope:
    "hey Rocky, i know a little about DNA!!! The dna guys have had their rep destroyed because it turns out that thier cannalope haze is really just c99 and because c99 growers recognized the plant and called them out on it they finally had to admit it. Dna has been tossed off some of the big private pot forums because many believe that if they would try and hijack c99, you cant believe anything they say. All of that said, chocolope is probably decent smoke without the politics."
    DNA is a total scam, and like nomad said, their shit turns to hermies because they don't have the fem gene stabilized.
    With that being said, Holy Grail '69 is fucking awesome and I think there's some threads on here that talk about it. I grew it on a drip system and it tastes just like pina colada.
  7. Fuck man I wish my Grail tasted like that, the turpene profile was pretty much the only stable thing about it, ands it reminded me of high school gym after a football game, straight knockout skunk funk. Not my bag, I actually detested it, but some called it dank. I honestly can't take people seriously anymore when the m they call a strain dank just from smell. **Knives heated dull Orange Release sweet smoky nectar I am lifted high**

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