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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Honopono, Nov 21, 2022.

  1. I am planning a large CBD grow in a warehouse, its quite tall inside and I am opting to go vertical with shelfs and SOG grow throughout from seeds (cause cbd seeds are way cheap)

    I need advice on making a shelf LED setup, I often see online they use somekind of LED setup that streches as long as shelf go, it might be obvious fpr some but I just did hps grows and led is new to me, any advice or critic on a subject is welcome.
  2. so what exactly is your horticultural experience? may well get the answer you seek
  3. Not the answer I am looking for mate haha, yes I have eperience in in/out grow, but not with LED strips and shelfing for vertical
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  4. If you are stacking, make sure to consider heat removal between levels, or the lower will cook the upper.
    LEDs are a great choice for stacking/shelf style grows. If you are going with 2 foot deep shelves, the market for LEDs that will fit those is mostly focused on veg or propagation. Most of the higher end LEDs are designed for a 4x4 to 5x5 space. When you see bars and bars of LEDs lined up along a 40 foot table, its probably only like 8 fixtures with many bars each.
  5. I looked a bit into it, and yes diy shelfs and diy lines with led strips seem to remove the heat problem and need to buy the factory led's, they are really pricey and no one makes them like that where I am anyway
  6. I don't think you would want to flower with these, but the Luxx Clone LEDs are great for early veg, even late veg if you use a few extra. They are 18 watts per 2 foot bar.
  7. True that cheap led strips won't do nothing, but I meant in a way to diy your own quality ones and just install them yourself, from what I see online one can make a decent diy led setup
  8. Yea if your grow isn't too big, DIY might be a good way to go.
  9. Actually it will be big, I got really interested in cbd business as thc strains here are illegal, this is why I am opting for a diy as cbd market is fluctuating recemtly and O do not want to go all-in, its a 250m2 warehouse and 5m high, so it has a lot of room, especially in a vertical picture, so I will start slowly, I have some high-end led's but only 10k watts and they are not applicable to this specific idea so I will probably sell them
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  10. I am not situated in US, but the prices are too high anyway for business startup, top gear tho
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