Need advice on picking a male??? Please help a head..

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  1. Ok, here's the a afghani mom clip that is 15 plus years old is so indica....short and soooo perfect....but liken always timevto move's 100% ibl line...girl that I have the chance to breed her with either a querkle male by sub cool seeds which is a f1 or a blockhead f2 from beanhorder which says it's a f2 from a open pollution from 9 of the best bh out of 50 to make the bhf2....I just want to make a good afghan x with what the querkle f1 or the blockhead f2 from spice of life original stock....please help a con fussed head.....:eek::p. Either way the gan side is super stout and stable....I just want like 50 killer beans from her....before she dies for good....she's getting old ...and it's a easy chance to isolate a guy..hint
  2. Or will either work since the gan is soooo stable and old...still has killer speed and kills the world...thanks again for feed back ...
  3. No hits yet..???? Someone gotta some
  4. querk should give you good tasting, but stout offspring. sounds like a good match to your loved Affi.

    why not do both ..just pollinate a small clone ( or just a branch ) with each daddy ?
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    Thanks wharfrat74 the gan is so stout and maybe the block having satava in her will give some not as thick sites if ya get the gan drift....but in reality all three are way indie....biggest reason would there be a better male from a f1 or f2male....the sub cool is f1 and block is f2 but open pollination from 9 good make bh2... Sorry for over thinking but afoaf had f1pinneapple Kush and made f2 and 2 of 10 were nice....guess that's unstable roll of dice...but like I said the gan mom is way old and the best porn star , just time to make some good beans before the guys for reading my thoughts and hope we all ate good.....peace
  6. I lied, one more ya put both guys in a camber together and pulled pollen of both and labeled it work or would the fan mix the two up....just saw that male isolation chamber and got make really was wondering about what f1 or f2 daddy would be Better on a inbreed ibl line...never really played with making beans....

  7. It kind of doesn't matter if your daddy is f1, f2, or any other thing if you yourself didn't produce them and understand the plants dom/recessive charateristics.

    Breeding is all about figuring out what recessives the plant you want to use has hidden... or what hidden geno coding they have and can pass on but that aren't visably evident on inspection of the plant for the dominant pattern on the plants that you can already see. The first runs of any crossing is a crap shoot, I'd run everybody and keep good notes.

    Go out and find this book, it's the best : Marijuana Botany by Robert Connell Clarke. It will explain all the 'stuff' that you can do with plants, to try and engineer a specific outcome for yourself after a few crosses.
  8. :D looks like a 3 sum soon.....but isn't it 2girls and 2guys and a lady'm thinking people not for your help guys....!!!! Either way Gans getting knocked up ....! A Cali guy or bc guy....sure do love legends back in the day...! Steve and red ruled sad now...:(:mad:

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