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Need advice on old food!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Acidphere, May 13, 2011.

  1. This is not a joke, nor is it a troll.

    Im fucking starving and i bought Taco Bell two days ago and i still have a burrito in the fridge from 2 days ago.
    I know tacobell has lots of probably fake food so is it okie if i eat the burrito?

    If it makes any difference its a cheesy 5 layer burrito.

    Basically do you guys think its okie to eat if its 2 days old? Please i need a real answer im fucking starving and the sooner i get a answer the sooner this thread falls back to the last page.
    Im sorry i dont know who else to

    anyways thanks for whoever answers :) and hurry im starving blades!
  2. If you eat it ASAP it should be okay. Just make sure you have lots of time to use the bathroom...
  3. if it were me, id eat it.

  4. Thanks man, im just not into food and shit and i know meet spoils and what not. I just didn't want to be eating Mold, but i just took a bite out of it and it taste fine, so theres no more need for this thread. Thank you GutteralShiva for the honesty reply.

  5. I assure you the stuff inside it has been through more than sitting in a fridge for 2 days :hello:
  6. yea ur fine ive done it before with white castle its not a probilem it was in the fridge if you left it out on counter then no dont eat it but since its in fridge your fine
  7. Heat it a lot hotter than you usually would if you want to avoid running to the bathroom

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