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    Ok so I have a 2.7 x 2.7 grow tent. And I have a 10 reservoir for the flood and drain. I have a 400 hps along with a led for supplement. I just got the whole line of advanced nutrients and I was running according to their formula on their website but I figured that was way too much so I dialed it back to half dosage. Every time I do a res change and add fresh nutes the water gets cloudy and murky. I'm trying to forgive out what is causing this. I am using sensi bloom a and b along with bud candy, b52, voodo juice, rhino skin, nirvana, cal mag, big bud. Also I can't tell whether I have an over nute prob or a cal mag def. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. I dont use advance nutrients but to me it looks like you are putting way too many things in your soup. Less is always better. What is your ppm/ec reading? ph? I use gh lucas formula and use gh micro & gh bloom & thats it, cheap & easy with great results.
  3. well your first problem is deciding to use Advanced Nutrients. your next problem is going by their feeding chart. get a meter for ph and tds/ec
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    Got a ph meter and I just need to replace batteries on the ppm meter. I'm also having to adjust the ph everyday even tho the nutes are ph perfect... I bring down to 5.6 and it rises right back to 6.9 in 24hrs

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    Listen to the previous posters and get rid of AN man .. I'm sorry to say that because I'm sure you just took out a small mortgage to buy their entire line LoL but I would stick with something simple and effective - GH 3 part or lucas etc... You don't need one additive per leaf lol . .  keep it simple.. All that stuff does is make it harder for you.. 
    Once you have more experience with growing in general, then you could play with additives.. At least then you'll know what to expect in terms of yields etc, and you'll actually be able to discern the effectiveness of said additive.. 
    Not to mention AN is a Canadian based company, and we all know about those Canadians  :poke: ..  
    No offense to any Canadian that may read this   :bolt: haha  
  6. Lol I hear you guys but this is my 5th or 6th grow. I was using gh before and loved it but I just wanted to try an because
    A) I heard many good things about it ( along with the cons)
    B) I had a buddy give me some girls that were vegged with an and they just looked 100x better.

    I know I'm gonna get a lot of shit for going with an but I just want to try them out.

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  7. For a grower with few grows under his or her belt, simplicity with feeding programs will save a grower a lot of grief and money. This is the hydro section of Grass co. That means that most hydro growers have previous growing expirence with soil or other mediums. So when it comes to feeding programs with soil, the standard rule is "Less is more" and let the genitic potential of the strain do it's thing. With hydro keeping the ph and ec in balance and at right levels is paramount. Aptnosphere is important as well, feeding programs should be custom designed to accomidate the genitic demands of the strain. Again simplicity and common understanding in what each additive actually does. How and why is key in knowing what "voodoo Juice" does or "turantula" does for your plants and why it's good to have it. Or does your plants really need it and could you have saved yourself 45.00 bucks or whatever AN charges for their product.?. I started off with believe it or not with FOX Farms. Organic Hydro.. Dirty and smelly but very effective. More bioavailable minerals and vitamins and I used Tap water and ph the shit out of the nutrient solution. 5.8 or no lower than 5.5. Ph is more stable with RO h2o. I have had great success with Lucas as well and was very impressed with the results. Start with Lucas and add different additives as needed for the stage of growth. Cal Mag is one suppliment that is a must if using RO. Some guys even use Black-Strap mollasses as a Carb,sweetener,Cal-Mag additive that you can buy is your Wal-Mart store for 2.75. Instead of 35.00 or whatever AN charges for all those seperate nutrients. I am going with Sensi grow and bloom with two chemdogs and see what happens. Cal-Magic from GH.. Flora-Licious, GH. White-Widdow from Humboldt and Home and Garden Roots excele. Good Luck and Great Growing... :metal:
  8. I love hydro! I have grown in soil prior and it's just not the same.... But the one thing that sucks is having to change out the res. I usually had a rule of thumb, if the nutrient looked clear rather than dark I would use it. I tried to stay away from the dark smelly nutrients and it always worked for me. Now it's like I've got all this shit in there and I'm having to change the water once a week. Before I would just top off and keep going, res never got dirty and I would clean all equip between grows. Plus I can't just start pulling nutrients outta my lineup I'm already halfway through flowering. I just want to figure out which one of the nutrients is making my res filthy. I'm leaning towards the nirvana, I think I'm gonna pull it out next time I change the water.
  9. yeah....don't....use blackstrap molasses in hydro...
    I hear ya man hydro is the best! in terms of trying something new I use Canna and it beats the crap out of anything I've seen come from buddies using AN anything, just my .02. That could also just be the grower.  but seeing as you're already in waist-deep I'd say yeah, maybe pull the nirvana and see if that cleans things up.
  10. K thanks for the advice. So when I change the water and add the sensi a and b, what should my ppms read? Just trying to figure out a better feeding formula. AN's website is too strong of a mix especially with all the shit they got me mixing in there.

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  11. hard to say. different strains need different amounts depending. and you're also already in to flower so that further complicates things. start with around 600 ppm with just base nutrients, see how the plants respond. if after about 2 days your ppm has dropped significantly, raise it by another 200...if it's only dropped a little bit, try only 100 more. if the tds has raised, add just water to bring it below your starting value. keep doing this until you find the tds rate that your plant wants. and remember it will change every couple of days as your plant grows and requires different amounts of each fertilizer.
  12. Light is to high, ph is to low.
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    Im feeding mine with all Advanced Nutrients and it is growing fast and big... Its now 2 days in 12/12 check my post in sig, whats your res temp? My res is always clean, res temp between 16 and 20, any higher you start to have issue in your res. Feeding 1/4 strength on first week half on week 2 full on week 3 is the usual steps going in to flower...

    Additives can be use on full but i usual go half to start off except voodoo juice b-52 and bud candy on full as they were used in veg already.
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    K so I changed out the res last night. I did not use nirvana and so far the res looks clean. I used a and b at 10ml/gal and additives I fed at 3.75ml/gal. My ppm was at 1265 and ph is at 5.3. Water temps are usually in the high 60s. Last night when I changed the water it read 61.

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    keep your ph between 5.6 to 6.1 is a better range, mine are week 1 in flower and I have them at 400ppm to start with, 3rd day today I be rasing it to 500ppm as it dropped 100ppm over night, its better to have to increase it than burn it, how long are they in 12/12? I've gotten nute burn the very first time I use AN they are very strong, when my girl had 6 sets of true leaves in veg she was still on 1.5ml/liter thats less than 8ml/gal for another week
    going by the looks of the girls, 10ml/gal should be fine, but your ppm seems very high, can you list out everything in that 1265ppm? I use 1ml/l of bloom a+b, 2ml/l of voodoo juice, 2ml/l of bud candy, 1ml/l of rhino skin and thats where I get that 400ppm... I know by sunday when I change res to 2ml/l of bloom a+b and rhino skin at 2ml/l what the difference is on ppm, for now I'm just topping up as it drops, other additives are used at different weeks, water temp at around the 60s should be fine....
  16. K the way I got there:

    1. Sensi Bloom A & B 10mL/gal
    800 ppm
    2. Botanicare Cal-Mag 5mL/gal
    915 ppm
    3. Big Bud 3.75mL/gal
    4. B-52 3.75mL/gal
    5. Bud Candy 3.75mL/gal
    6. Rhino Skin 3.75mL/gal
    7. Hygrozyme 3.75mL/gal

    I am in beginning of week 5. The feeding chart on their website is for a 7 week plant. Mine are 8 week, so I repeated week 4 feed for an extra week. Next week I will lower the bases so that my ppm will be somewhere near 1000. I want to slowly start to take them off the nutes and get ready for flush. I will also stop using big bud next week and add overdrive to really push them to their limits. I will post some pics later tonight.

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  17. Hygrozyme could be what makes your water go funny, not sure if you really need Botanicare Cal-Mag , if you have a look at my pics, and the list of nutes I use, they are healthy with no burn or deficiency.... if you suspect your plant is getting burn, back right down on nutes and increase as needed slowly.... 
  18. I didn't use hygrozyme last round and had the water get funky so I figured it wasn't that but I will be checking it when lights turn on. I also use h202 to keep things in check but in low doses. Hygrozyme claims that it is compatible with it in low doses.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392159330.372282.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392159340.935702.jpg
    A buddy of mine sent me these pics for comparison reasons. The smaller ones were fed with phed ro water and the bigger ones got sensi grow a and b along with voodo juice, pihrahna, and tarantula

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    that one on the right looks very stretched... 
  20. Those plants were cloned at the same time and they are the same plant. So everything is exactly the same except for the fact that the ones on the right got nutes and the ones on the left didn't. Just to see if the difference.

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