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need advice on nirvana strains

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by leftover4ooz, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. now im planning on getting 200 dollars worth of feminized nirvana seeds

    i know im definately getting northern lights , PPP , and wonder woman

    was planning on master kush also but it says first buds show 8 weeks into flower which scares me. i wanna stick to the 8-9 week flowering range.

    now all that concerns me is the amounts of each.

    plan is:

    10 PPP
    5 NL
    5 WW
    5 ????

    im questioning whether or not to get more PPP cuz ive heard great things about their yeild. and i have another 5 seeds open to choose one more strain

    so should i get more PPP like i planned or double up on a different strain.
    and what other strain should i get from nirvana?

    and btw: im after big yeilds most of all

  2. I just harvested 2 from Nirvana. Aurora Indica and Crystal. Out of 12 plants 7 strains the Aurora had the best looking budz and is crazy potent,ie; couchlock.The Chrystal had the biggest and tightest budz of all. the other strains were blueberry ak, Chernobyl, Bubba Kush, and AK47. the Aurora finished in about 55 days the Chrystal went to 70 days flower.
  3. that's a lot of money on seeds. why not just buy the one pack of seeds and make clones? where are you planning to buy them from? that sounds over priced
  4. Just had a friend harvest 166g wet over 3 plants of there short ryder

  5. i was considering aurora....hows the yeild?

    and jetski im getting from attitude. all feminized. and im a little nervous to try clones...never have before but have considered it.

    and i look at it this way. ill have 25 feminized seeds plus 5 freebies.
    considering an oz in my area goes for 350-400 for quality say its a great investment

    and i wanna get alot because once i move to my next apartment im gonna have a perpetual thing going on.
    one veg box 250w mh....and my flower box will be a 600w hps
    plant 2-3 new seeds every month and always have 4-6 plants in my flower box and harvest 3 oz a month
  6. Careful if you are in a nonmedical state or selling to those w/o cards

  7. oh right, feminised explains the high cost. but whatever amount of bud you get from them you will still be forking out 200$ for the seeds when cloning is pretty much free, plus you get a small head start when growing, and they are ready to flower any time

    if seeds is your thing it might be worth buying regular seeds and pollinating your best female and get a few thousand seeds. if your going to be dropping seeds on a regular bases for a long time it will save you loads

    sounds like a nice perpetual system, you should get a lot more than an oz per plant
  8. I got about 2 oz each from my 2 Aurora. That was with 40 days vedge,and my first indoor grow in 20 years. I am sure I can get 3 to 4 oz per now that I have the room dialed in.:smoking:
  9. yea im gonna try to make my own feminized seeds

    looks interesting and sounds fun...and if it works ill be a very happy man

    and yea i hope to get an oz per plant....shit if i got 2 oz a plant and get 6 oz a month my minds gonna explode

    ive done a little bit of research on clones but im still a little confused on a couple things.
    say you let a plant veg for a month and take say 4-5 cuttings from it.(idk how much youd actually be able to take) how long does it take to grow back so you can take another set of cuttings from it.

    cuz if you can make 10-15 clones out of a plant vegging for a month i may have to change my gameplan
  10. 2 oz per plant would be nice....especially if its as potent as you say it is

    what wattage light did you flower with tho.
    ill only be using 600

  11. youre much more likely to have good results with cloning than with feminized breeding, since with breeding of F1 hybrids and such you dont know what the offspring is gonna be like. its very unlikely even for a few of them to be like the parent plants and theres probably gonna be a lot of variation. its much harder to get good yoields if you got several plants that grow completely differently, thats why people use clones.
    also youre gonna lose one plant that you cant use for smoking at all since you inverted it with chemicals and youre gonna lose most smoking value of the seeded parts of the other plant.

    cloning on the other hand is really fucking easy and you can expect your mother plant to grow back slightly faster than it would normally grow after about 2-4 days of recovering from shock because of the sudden abundance of roots in comparison to above ground growth.
  12. i dont wanna make this a ongoing question thread...but on average how many cutting would you be able to get a month from one vegging plant? 5? 10?

    and you put your clones right into flower after you cut?
    cuz im very concerned about yeild so if you cant yeild atleast a quarter oz a clone its not worth it in my book
  13. Aurora and ice are my fav nirvana stains that ive tried..northern lights wasnt that great
  14. howd ice yeild...i was considering chrystal more than ice. ive heard good things
  15. Wonder Woman is easy to trim. Grew this outdoors with Master Kush they flowered at the same time. The kush finished slightly later than ww. All great smoke better if cured three months.
  16. I got Snow White. You should give her a good look.
  17. you can grow your clones for as long as you want, you could flower as its rooting or veg 3 months and then flower or anything in between. you could easily take 50 clones per month with a mother that fits in a 1x1ft area.

    if you do make seeds use a male, making feminised is completely unnecessary unless your planning on selling the seeds.

    I'll put up some photos of an old mother of mine so you can see how I keep them

    you don't necessarily need a mother, you can simply just take a clone or two from your vegging plants right before you set them to flower
  18. yea dude you got me looking into clones and i think im convinced.

    i think im gonna forget about making seeds and keep 2 mothers at a time vegging.
    then just keep that flower box nice and full with clones in smaller pots.
  19. Ice was good indica yield...2+ per plant easily

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