Need advice on my plants!

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  1. Am i in trouble? I'm going I kick these ladies into flower in about two weeks I'm just a little worried they'll bleach from being too close to my 1000w HPS. Those are 20 gal pots, except for the small one in the back, for a size reference. Sorry about the shit quality my camera doesn't seem to like the light.

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  2. I would do some lst on them, wait a week and switch. If not your going to run out of vertical room.

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  3. Your thermometer says current 77 but can not make out max, you may have excessive heat but think I think you may need a little mag. I would toss a teaspoon of Epsom salt per gallon with next watering. As for the 1k if your really concerned raise the light up max for the first couple days and bring it down a little everyday to about 18" max. A laser thermometer helps for checking leaf temps in cannopy and are cheap from harbor freight. Also raise your thermometer in the room to canopy height out of direct light. If you have a regular light in the room just flip the ballast off for pictures, although you should wait 10-15 mins to turn back on because hot starts are not good for equipment.
  4. Lights already up to the ceiling, and I've already staked them down. 77 is about my max, I haven't seen it run higher than that in there and I'm installing a few extra fans in the next coming weeks. Have been giving them mag in light doses for about a month now but I was thinking the tall one, I think she's a sativa, is in need of a lil extra mag, I just transplanted her today so maybe the extra root space will help fix any discoloration. How are they looking otherwise?
  5. I know this is a silly question but I've never harvested before, what's a ballpark on projected yield with three plants that size under a 1k?
  6. I guess I should say two plants that size, cause the third one is about half the size of the other two.
  7. Um, bump? Need to know if I'm doing alright feel free to chime in y'all ;)

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