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Discussion in 'General' started by bassplayer_kyle, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. I need help deciding whether or not i should quit my job...Lately my boss has changed the schedule and never decided to tell me, then gave me shit when i failed to comply with the new schedule...She acts like its a big misunderstanding and i have caught her on it and she has almost fired me on multiple occassions.
    Im in college so this part-time job is pretty important since it all goes to good old marijuana. But the fact that she keeps fucking me over like this and blaming me is starting to piss me off.
  2. jus take a picture of the schedule you agree too, and if she changes it without warning show her the picture like look this is bullshit son
  3. already caught her like that haha. I phoned in, got my schedule wrote it down and when she brought it up and was about to fire me i pulled it out and i also had the phone conversation recorded hahaha. She acted like it was a big misunderstanding and shit...It happened 4 times like that and im starting to get sick of it
  4. yo man i know its gay and a pain but take pics and if she fires you you could sew for wrongful termination
    or if you could get another job just tell that dumb bitch off, i would. what kinf of bass you got? answer qhick cuz this thread is gonna get deleted.
  5. my boss pulls that shit on me all the time, yelled at me about it, gotten written up for it. i don't know what to do about it either. any advice for me or my buddy bassplayer_kyle would be greatly appreciated :smoking:
  6. thanks for the advice smokeupmarley... I didnt know i could sew haha (think of all the bud i could buy:ey: haha). Anyways im going to start taking pictures of that schedule and make sure if she fucks me over again, i'll have some proof. Thanks guys
  7. yeah start taking pictures of your schedule, don't let her fuck you over.
  8. 1. Find a new job
    2. Quit your job and tell that bitch off
    3. Smoke a fat bowl
    4. Profit
  9. Remember small part time jobs are a dime a dozen so you wont be without long. Go on google n find a copy of a summons to court and print a copy off with her name on it then mail it to her. Call OSHA to your workplace on her. Inform the fire dept of your company not meeting fire code or if you work in fast food make a call to a health inspector. All of these things cause lots of grief to people and its nothing BUT FAIR..... She causes you annoyance so you cause her. Its called KARMA its a bitch and today she's on the RAG.

  10. QFT lol
  11. yeah I would quit, chances are you could probably find a better job with better hours and still be able to smoke bowls.
  12. take pictures and next time she screws you over go above her, unless she owns the company she has a boss too, find them and get her in trouble, if all else fails, quit and get a new job, but make sure you quit in front of all her employees and make sure you tell her off bad

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