need advice on my first grow room

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  1. sup grasscity. this is my first grow room. 400 watt mh/hps convertible ballast, 2 feet above the plants. a cup of water to maintain humidity. an 8 inch fan to maintain temperature and produce airflow. white/black poly for reflection.

    the temperature hits 97 and the humidity stays around 25-30%. are these healthy numbers? if not, how can i lower them?
  2. 97 will cook seedlings in a few hours
  3. Yes... too hot. What kind of hood do you have for your light? Sounds like you need a air cooled hood with an inline fan to get the heat out

    Good Luck!
  4. the hood is a hydrofarm sunburst
  5. hey jax, nice to see fellow people from the 904 haha, i was thinking bout a lil sunsystems 150w hps, and maybe riggin my own 1-200w mh lamp, based on your temp specs and fan and such and runnin at only 97 deg gave me the confidence to give it a whorl,even tho its hotter than id like that can all be fixed and thats not nearly as hot as id been imagining for even a 150w system, shit, thanks man useful input. how big is your box/tent?

  6. His temps being at 97 should not give you confidence. That will kill any plant you put in there within hours.
  7. first off what is your ventilation like? everyone is right, 97 degrees is way too hot! typically mj loves temps around the 70-75 margin. higher temps will lead to increased transpiration from plants, and increased metabolic rates. my flower chamber maxes out at 85 degrees but i am using the higher end of the nutrient scale, and also using C02 enrichment. i believe at about 90-95 degress the internal chemistry of the plant changes and is no longer able to use photosynthesis to create energy. try to increase exhaust out of room and provide a means for cool air to enter.
  8. Exhaust exhaust exhaust. Is that 8 inch fan a circulatory fan (regular house fan) or is it a dope growing fan pulling air out of your grow room?

    Bottom line is that you need to get hot air OUT of your grow. You can't manage heat by moving the air around.

    Get then temp down to 75-low 80s or you can kiss it all goodbye.
  9. thanks for the info everyone. it's just a regular 8 inch house fan. i managed to decrease the temperature to 88.5 and increase the humidity to 34% by laying down a frozen 2-liter bottle of water and spraying down the poly mat with water.

    i plan to at least get another fan soon. needless to say, money is tight right now. when i can afford it i will install an exhaust system with a carbon filter. i only plan on growing 3-5 plants so it won't be too elaborate.

    can anyone give me any alternatives?
  10. if you dont want to increase exhaust ventilation, stick an a/c unit in there. it will also lower the humidity.
  11. alright sorry for hijacking the thread I got a question id like to ask since its the main topic here... Where I live currently in the summer it gets around 105f I am growing outdoors will my plant be fine, if not what can I do to help it not burn ? Its currently in the 80s right now but the season barely began.
  12. i would love to increase exhaust ventilation - i just can't afford it.

    it's pretty steady at 89f/24%, and they don't look to be dieing. how long do y'all think they'll last?

    p.s. it's on a 18/6 schedule.
  13. they may survive but bud density(thus weight) will suffer.
  14. i'm reppin 904 duuuuuuuuuuuuval county to bro. westsides the best side!
  15. 97 will cook your plants especially seedlings starting out you need to figure out an intake/exhaust system and an inline fan or two to help lower your temps

  16. um well seeing as i was expecting it to be like freggin 120, 97 can easily be dealt with, i didnt say i would accept 97, just that oh, hell thats all? i can deal with and make that 97 into 77, sorry i wasnt clear:smoking:

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