Need advice on moving to Florida!

Discussion in 'General' started by goldtide, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Here is my situation: I have two years of my degree finished and I'm started basic emt class in the fall. I'm going to get my real estate license by Christmas as well. I currently have a little bit of income coming in from a small business. I'm looking for a part time job now. I'm wanting to move to panama city beach fl as soon as I can. Ideally this time ext year but I'm not really sure when and what it takes to make this possible. So what do you guys think? How much money do I need to take down there with me? What kinda of jobs should I look to pick up when I get there. I would like to work on the beach for a while renting chairs and seadoos until I get setup and find a career down there? Any advice from people that live on the coast?
  2. PC beach jobs are seasonal. They are non-existent in the fall and winter. Otherwise, it's just another bug infested Florida coastal shit hole. More Mexicans than you would think. Every year at spring break the area gets turned on it's ass by a massive influx of obnoxious, self indulgent, discourteous, drunken ass wipes. Why in the FUCK anyone would want to move to PC is a fucking mystery to me. Mosquito's, no-see-em's, black flies, palmetto bugs, etc. If you wanna move someplace "happening" in Florida, try further south, like Miami. Plenty of broken dreams hit the rocks there. But PC? Fuck Panama City. Hell, even Jacksonville gets higher marks because of all the great entertainment that hits that town. No big shows in PC except during spring break, when you can't enjoy them. All in all, I hate to disillusion you, but really dude, PC blows. You could do better. Nothing in the 850 is worth fuck all.

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