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Need Advice on Mother/Daughter Relationship

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmotPoker29, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hi GC. This just happened 5 minutes ago. Lemme give you some background information. I'm 19, been smoking for about two years, I have my own car and pay my own insurance (not under my parents name). I live with my parents because I just got a job and am saving up to move out since my parents plan on moving to Portugal in the next two years - need to get on my feet.
    Anyway, me and my father really dont talk even though we live in the same house. Me and my mom are really close. Well, it finally happened. My mom asked me if i smoked weed. :( I thought I'd be able to get away with it since she hasn't ever noticed within the past two years. She was being her nice self and suprised me by filling my gas tank this morning. She comes upstairs and goes "I filled your gas tank, but I have a question. What's that coin-looking thing with green powder in it?" I instantly knew she was talking about my grinder which my dumbass left in the middle console of my car.

    Obviously I denied, denied, denied and said my friend probably left it in there. She said "You know I dont allow whores, drug-addicts, or alcoholics to live in my house and if you're hanging out with people who smoke that 'pots' stuff, you are allowing it to control your life. Not to mention, even if it's harmless, you'll become used to it and then you'll want to see how other drugs are."
    Now, even though I wanted to defend myself, I also didn't want to get kicked out. The thing is, I love my mother very much and I've never smoked in her house. I have respect for her and I dont know if i should lay low until I get my own place and THEN tell her or if I should be blunt right now and tell her as soon as possible.

    sorry for the long post.
  2. That's a very tricky situation, I'd advise you too first calmly talk to your Mum about what her opinion on weed is. Then ask her why she thinks that. Then tell her your opinion, why you think that and proceed to gently show her your source's of information and experience on MJ. Don't go about it aggressively, you don't want her to associate that with the MJ. You should tell her about it though, that shows to her that you still respect her. Good luck :)

  3. I fixed that sentence for you
  4. I live at home also, and I'm 21. (My year off of school, working full time).

    Sadly, trying to educate your mom probably won't work in this situation. To their generation (the people who didn't do weed in the 60's at least) weed will always be bad for you and just leads to harder drugs. You can thank nixon and reagan for that.

    You probably have no choice but to confess and apologize. You might be getting kicked out, but the relationship with your mom will heal over time.
  5. Lay low for the time being. My mom found out about my smoking 5 years ago. Back then, I had to lay low until I was living on my own too. And now I have a medical MJ card and my mom /still/ disapproves. u_u' Sooo.... at the very least, wait it out. Good luck~
  6. You could stop doing weed.
  7. This one is a tuffy.

    If your "blunt" hehe and tell her now, you are risking your housing situation and a relationship with your parents. We all know how parents are with their children so telling her could be an ooopsie cause frankly you do not know how she will react or do I dunno.

    I think laying low for now is best, ultimately it will be better for your future. So it depends on what you care about the present or the future.

    Personally I would wait to tell her when you get on your feet and have things under control.

  8. If you really do respect your mother as much as you say, and don't want to get kicked out...

    Stop smoking
  9. she's not gonna kick me out LOL. she wasn't mad about the grinder; more like worried for whatever reason is floating in her brain. i played it off though and said it was one o my friends'. but im not gonna tell her i smoke until i am living a stable life without their help. then i can say "hey, i smoke weed and i am just fine" or something along those lines. as for the "stop smoking weed" - no. i respect her enough to not do it in her household or be high in her presence.

    i dodged that bullet, thanks for the help :p
  10. show her this post that you just made she will love it!

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