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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Bolton1, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I'm in the process ov setting a grow room up n I'm using 4-5 600w hid bulbs what I want to know is do I also need to put some red/blue spectrum lights in aswell?any advice on this would be appreciated :)

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    Yes get a metal halide bulb for every fixture. You have the lights now? 2 rooms? More details.
  3. Yes I have the lights already and no its gonna be 1 room wiv 35-40 plants.r u sayin I need another bulb for each light?

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  4. I'm pretty new to growing so need any advice as Im investing a good bit ov money in this n wanna get it right

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  5. Yes, add some metal halide lights.
    Other issues:
    That's a lot of heat. Make sure you figure a way to get rid of it.
    That's a lot of plants. Make sure you have a way to get rid of the smell.
    That's a lot of current. Make sure you run dedicated circuits for the lights. I would install a sub-panel in the grow room with four 15 amp circuits. I wouldn't plug more than two 600w lights into a 15 amp circuit. I would also use high quality timers, maybe in the $50-75 range.
    I don't know a lot about this but I've read there have been raids in different parts of the country based on the pattern of electrical power usuage. I assume they look for higher electrical use every 12 hours. If that's the case, I would think having two grow rooms would help. Have one dark while the other is light up. That's about all I know about it. Maybe someone who knows more about it will chime in.
  6. I've now got the metal halide bulbs also got a 8 way conductor wiv built in timer that the manufacturer guarantees will be able to handle 8 600w lights without any problems I also have a large filter attached to large inline fan also got 2 small 5inch inline fans bringing clean air into my room aswell as 3 small fans to help circulate the air in the room,do u think this will be ok?

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  7. Do some research.  You are investing TONS of money for your first run and you will most likely fuck up along the way ( not only because its your first grow but also because it seems you havent really done any reading ) and change your technique and some of the aspects of your growing, possibly even buy different equipment.
    Id start a more simple grow, at least for your first.
  8. Hey thanks for the advice bro I've bin doin tons of research lately and I have grown before but it was a few years ago so I'm a bit rusty! I bought bulk load ov grow equipment really cheap so got plenty lights fans filters n a huge container full ov about 30 bottles ov all different nutes etc so it's not actually cost me that much n I figured I've got shit loads ov equipment so I might aswell set a decent grow up :) I no it will be more ov a learning curve n like u say I will prob fuk it up to some degree! I have bin doin plenty research bin lookin on here a lot n it's bin really helpfull also chatting to friendly grow shop staff n reading online n if u know any good sites etc to get good info I'd really appreciate it bro cos I wanna do the best I can with what I've got,cheers mate =)

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  9. Yeah im not trying to come off as a dick but you probably will fuck up and im just trying to save you some money.
    but since you already have all the equipment might as well get started.
    Mods delete this if its not allowed.......... is a grow forum and I had all my questions answered there when i first started, the forum seems dead at times but there are some VERY experienced growers there.
  10. Hey nice one man n no u dnt sound like a dick I appreciate your concerns as I have the same ones myself but I'm a realist n I know this first grow is gonna be more of a learning curve

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