Need advice on light system, LED/T-5

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LetGo, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. So I did my first grow in a guest bedroom and now switched it to my personal closet. My 400w hid's will be way to hot for my new 4x2 tent unless a run my 6" inline fan constantly into the attic. My lady feels like its to loud which I agree for being in our bedroom. So I am debating on selling my 400w system and swapping to a 6-8 bulb 4ft quantum t5 badboy using 6500 during veg and half/half 3k 6500 for flower. OR doing an LED grow(but I have no idea on good led systems) I just need something cooler. and for a grow space 2x4ft for 4-6 plants!!! Doing a 2dwc 2hempy bucket grow now... I would like to spend under 400$ for LED's but shoot me anything around that price range that can support a 4x2 ft area.

    Any input welcome. And need your vote for t5's or led's And will my yield /quality of bud decrease with a 8bulb t5 setup or led setup vs my hps

  2. If you have growin with the hps and you switch to T5 you will notice a big diffrence. Floruscents are more of a light fluffy string bud. Hps will come out more filled in dense fatter nugs. Have u ever thought about just investing in a new cooling fan? IMO hid lights run hot and are expenisve to run but they produce a very nice bud. Led lights have no experince with I've heard that they do an awesome job because they cover such a broad light spectrum for plants (veg thru flower) but there expensive as hell but in the end u save on ur power bill and there's no worrries about the heat. Just have to look at the trade offs.

    chill & smoke some bud!
  3. Jumped on a limb, and got a blackstar 500. I may also be using my 400w hps for "heightened" periods of daylight hanging in the middle.. Maybe run it as a "noon" for 3-4 hours so the heat doesnt get too bad. Pretty stoked though, although people say they aren't receiving the same yield, but everyone seems to get more trichs and dank quality and I like quality over quantity!

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