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    I am currently building my closet grow.
    I need LED advice.  I'm ready to buy one or two lamps. 4'x3' space.  The upcoming vote in DC will allow me 6 plants legally if it passes.  It will pass.  So I am about to buy a LED for the space.
    I have been researching lights for about two weeks now.  I originally was going with Mars.  Then I was going with eBay straight from China.  Then I contacted ProSource about the UFO Illuminators.  The ProSource guy says they are releasing a 400 and can sell me one now for about 800 which is the cost of 2 Illuminators.  Then today I was on another forum where somebody had success with a Mars.  So I am now back to square one.
    Can anybody show me a grow they did under LED in about the same space as I have to work with?  Should I go with one lamp or two?  If I go with one I can install a mover if it's necessary. WP_20141008_01_06_29_Pro.jpg
    I got 800$ to spend, but I would like to spend 500$.  I don't want to spend extra dollars for a brand name.  They all come from China.
    I want LED so my expensive DC electricity wont hurt too bad.
    I know about MH from my saltwater aquarium that has a 250w.  I understand the HID technology as well.
    Any help is appreciated. (sorry, didn't realize there was a subtopic for this forum)

  2. Thanks for the reply.
    I emailed the ProSource guy and told him thanks but I was going with other options and this is what he said...
    "Let me know how that goes. We are getting 8 oz. per plant off 200 watts."
    That sounds like a ridiculous claim. 8 oz. from a 200 watt LED? No way.
    I think his feelings got hurt.
  3. I went with 900 Mars II. Actual 450.
    EBay auction. 240$. Super deal. I will supplement with additional if needed in the new future.
  4. 2 separate tents
    32 x 32x 72 with a Amare Tech Solar Spec 260 (260w) 6 week old seedling plants
    50 x 50 x 78 (only using ~ 28 x 30)  has a BML SPYDR 600 (~ 340w)  < 2 weeks from harvest
    Drop by my thread
    Here's a couple pictures

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    Nice plant.
    So on a 340 actual watt? What's that gonna yield? 3-4 oz?
  6. Thanks.  All the manufacture's say they do the best job.  It's because they are trying to sell.
    Boy, nothing says Made IN CHINA like poor punctuation and unnecessary capitalization.  
    I bought the Mars II 900 already. I'm good.
    Thanks again.
  7. OK , fine . Just offer you referrence . Happy growing .
  8. Hey thanks!
    I was trying to make a joke but I guess it sounded different! Sorry!
    I bought a light already. Hopefully its not junk.
  9. i think you did well with teh mars, i build my own but my next one will be a mars, cant beat the price on that hardware.

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