Need advice on how to make smoking dope less terrifying

Discussion in 'General' started by bubrat, May 19, 2006.

  1. I am interested in smoking some dope now and again, because my partner likes to do this and I would like not to be left out of the experience. The problem is that most dope smokers I've known were either morons or paranoid/violent when under the influence of this drug. I know that this isn't true in most cases, but I must have just known a bunch of people who had already fried their brain with pot and other drugs.

    I am an alcoholic, so of course I love booze, but I always found smoking pot to be extremely disturbing. I would see things inside my head that were disturbing (Such as a "sock" that looked like a pig and it would jump around in a red glow) and I also laughed maniacally the entire time, couldn't stop laughing no matter what I did, and it wasn't pleasant laughter where you're happy, but very scary laughter that made me upset because I wasn't even laughing for a reason. This scared me pretty bad.

    What could I have been doing wrong? I've always heard pot relaxes you, but it makes me paranoid and it makes me feel silly, like I used to feel when I would OD on pills. I've heard it's an acquired taste kind of drug, and I hope that's true.

    Does anyone have any advice about how to make smoking a good experience rather than a terrifying one?
  2. say whattttt? you hallucinated? damn thats pretty cool, im envious actually.

    but yea just tone it down a bit. obviously you are buying great shit, so just take two tokes and enjoy the buzz.
  3. Those people who were either morons, paranoid or violent when stoned... well you should have left out everything after morons. That's just coincidence. Most people- when they smoke- just sit and look at the corner if they smoke TOO MUCH- less than too much is just a fun time.

    I'd quit drinking before you throw other things in the mix. Cannabis is something which just makes you relaxed and giggly- not really manic laughter and I have never met ANYONE who has hallucinated from it. If you're having these kind of problems then I think your main problem comes from your alcoholism (that's an educated guess).
  4. I agree with the suggestion to smoke a little less. Getting high takes some getting used to.

    Good luck with kicking the booze habit.
  5. Yeah, a common occurence among beginning smokers is not knowing their limit. I for one, smoke until im satisfied, no more than that, unless im lookin for a different experience. Because pot doesnt automatically induce "good" feelings like do uppers and some other drugs, more isnt always better. So my advice to you is, if you're already stoned enough, dont feel pressured into smoking more. Also, if youve only done it a couple of times, you might not be used to it yet, so these different feelings are probably what cause the anxiety that you feel when high.

  6. Can I take a second to bitch you out? I simple will, because I just saw the movie "The Color Of Fear" and though it is about racism, it has taught me to speak my mind (to an extent), so here I go.

    Who the hell do you smoke with, the anger management class you attend?
    I don't think we are smoking the same "dope", I personally feel very relaxed, calm and amotivated towards violence in any way.

    My friend nearly cut his wrist open when he was wrestling someone else shitfaced, so I don't.. (my friend just called so I will continue this later)

    I just don't understand how you can say that alcohol makes you a calmer, and less dangerous person than weed

    Sorry if that was harsh, I just would rather have my voice heard.

  7. Nah, that wasn't harsh. I understand that everyone has a different experience. My brother loved pot and alcohol creeped him out. I was the exact opposite. I guess it depends onthe personality of the user. Everyone has their "drug of choice." Mine was alcohol, but I can't drink anymore. I'm not saying anything except from my own personal experience. It was my experience that alcohol made me calmer, but weed made me paranoid and antsy. They're two very different highs and I was the kind of person who was very creeped out by seeing things in my head and laughing and getting sleepy. Taking too many downers did that too me as well, made me feel like everything was in slow motion and for some reason, this made me very afraid.

    Alcohol definitely didn't calm me down after I became addicted to it. At lower doses, though, it relaxed me and made me happy. I was hoping that in time, weed might do the same thing. I absolutely love drugs but haven't been able to use them for years now due to a bout with age and of course, the alcoholism (I haven't drank in five years).

    I thought with school out of the way, I might give drugs another chance to make my life a better place.

  8. Well then what did you think of the posts with help.

    (no offense to you wookie, i just want to hear bub's opinion about the rest)
  9. Uh first things first stop saying dope
  10. haha thats what i was gonna say but ive flamed enough today. hoast, youre always there for me.
  11. i go into a state between REM sleep and awake, so i see things but in a kind of dream state. does that make sense? does that consitute hallucinating? i don't really laugh, hm, i just grin and feel really mellow :)

    unlike bubrat though, i don't freak out over it. in fact, that's the state i really love getting into. unfortunately though i can fit to music in that state.

    better yet, when i listen to bob marley music and lying on my bed, i feel like i'm in a lush green field staring into the beautiful clear sky. so, so weird man. it really does feel like i'm there though or actually seeing it. again, is that hallucinating or am i actually going into a REM/awake mode? cause i'm definately awake!

    does anyone here think i'm ODing if i'm going into another world and fitting to music? i think this is the state i get in if i over do it a bit but i really do enjoy this state and only do it if i know i'm gonna be free for the whole day.
  12. All I know is;

    Make his fight on the hill in the early day
    Constant chill deep inside
    Shouting gun, on they run through the endless grey
    On the fight, for they are right, yes, but who's to say?

  13. Their moms?
  14. Damn, what strain are yall smokin?
  15. Sorry, I thought that's what it was. What's a more respectful name to call your marijuana?
  16. this sounds like "thc dna" all over again

  17. It's cool, I was just having a bad day I guess , my apologies Bubrat...
  18. blinded eyes do see.

    but bubrat, i think its cuz so many cops say the word dope, that most stoners hate it. dont sweat it we're giving you a hard time.

    try bud, weed, pot, savage cabbage whatever suits you.

  19. Its not disrespectful, its just dope doesnt mean weed, dope means heroin. Anti drug angencies spammed "dope" to generalize all drugs, so that it would be easier to batch weed with heroin and harder drugs.


    All those work. :smoking:
  20. Or you could call it reefer, thats what I always call it.

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