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Need advice On How To Hook Up This Bong

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Smoke Sour D, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. this is the bong but im going to the city tomorow to buy anythin i shud add sadly its not a diffused downstem or a gong bong but thats alright i love it what would you hook it up with? and aproximite price of what it is thanks:smoke::smoke:
  2. That looks just like the shroom base bong I had a few years ago!, except mine was shorter and had a clear blue design on the base.I still miss it even though it wasnt a gong. If I were you Id grab a diffused downstem or maybe diffuser beads if you have to. Maybe you could possibly find a non-gong ash catcher, there still around here and there.

  3. thanks do the beads work sick? and i hope so i need an ash catcher it gets dirty and can i get a diffused downstem seperatly? anyways thanks for the advice +rep
  4. that bong would be sick with a glass on glass conversion. then you would be able to get a diffy with an ash catcher and any slide you want.
  5. how would i go about getting a glass on glass conversion that would be sick help would be nice lol thanks
  6. Make sure you plug it in.

    Really though I'd get at least a catcher or difuser, shit why not both? If you can find a catcher that goes into a diffuser, gong, that works with that bong it'd be pretty pimp. I'm sure you could find one that wold work if you got a good shop, shit clean it up and bring it with you.

    Prolly expensive...
  7. yeah if you can find a ash catcher that works on a grommet, that would be cool. I would prob get a diffuser though if I was on a budget.
  8. im not on a big budget i think i might get both from city see how it goes if i only decide on 1 im just gettin diffsor
  9. why not maybe look into buying another bong if you can find something on sale
  10. you really cant do anything with a gromet. you can get a cheap GonG for like 120ish
  11. i SAPPOse i can wait till i start workin for somethin n get a nice toro oh well then i still love this bong
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    Yea man, a lot of head shops carry regular and diffused downstems but not as often do they have the non-gong ash catchers. The beads do a pretty good job at breakin up the smoke bubbles, Id give it a try even with a diffused downstem for extra diffusion. Make sure your extra careful when you slide the beads in. If I were you Id take out the downstem and fill the base with water up to the tube, then tilt at as far horizontally as you can and slowly slide the beads in.

    edit: you can buy small, clear or blue beads for about 3 bucks at Michaels,if not im sure any other craft store will have them.
  13. Yeah man, I would just wait till you have more money to upgrade, you will be glad that you did, in my opinion. I've had a lot of different hobbies so far in my life and I've learned that it's better to save up for something that is truly quality, instead of buying a bunch of cheaper things first.

    Unless you're fortunate enough to be able to own 5 digit collections, then do whateva you want.

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